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This is a temporary induction page, to be replaced by the membership web app under development.

Pre induction

  1. If you haven’t already, come and see Makespace during one of our open events which happen frequently – choose one on []. (Note that events where it’s possible to meet Makespace are clearly marked on the Meetup group; you need to attend a public event where there are Members available and willing to show you around, or with an existing member who can show you around. This is important as we want you to know what you’re going to get, and as all members get 24/7 access to Makespace, we need to know who we are giving keys to!
  2. Book an induction using our Sign up app.
  3. When you attend your induction, please bring:
    1. Payment debit/credit card if you haven't already paid
    2. A laptop (if possible)
    3. A photo (of yourself!) (if possible)

The induction

This happens at makespace, and will involve the following:

  1. If you've arrived at the induction without yet signing up to our Sign up app you should first enter your details in to that system.
  2. You read The safety briefing
  3. You read The rules
  4. If you have not already done so, set up your payment details
  5. Completion of the members safety checklist
  6. Completion and signing of the supplied form which includes your Membership agreement
  7. If you have not verified your address, please write your address on the supplied envelope for address verification purposes.
  8. You recieve your keyfob
  9. You are now a full makespace member and have full access to the space! (If you have not yet verified your address, your keyfob will be activated after verification is complete.)