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Makespace has some decorative plants, which may also help to improve the air quality.

The plant pots may eventually become part of the Internet Of Things, reporting their hydration level.

See also Plants more generally, including possible hydroponics projects.

Entrance corridor

Makespace has a soil bed (ca. three by half a meter) along the entrance corridor from the outer main door. The downside of this area is that it is fairly dim, hence plants have to be chosen carefully so they don't just die off! The soil is super dry and does not soak up water easily, which makes watering a bit tricky (if you are not careful, you might even wash away the plants!). For now the plants should be watered at least once or twice per week, whenever the top soil looks completely dried out again.


The bed is currently planted with (from left to right) an onion, garlic, and lots of little spider plants (two of which are variegated).

NB: First the garlic and later the onion died off; not sure whether it was lack of sun or not enough watering.

Last watered

  • Tuesday 26 March
  • Tuesday 2 April
  • a few times in between
  • Wednesday 5 June
  • Saturday 15 June

Suggestions/thoughts for other plants

  • ivy?
  • dracena (dragon tree)
  • aloe/cactus
  • generally plants with large deep-green leaves...
  • Hanging baskets on top?

Main space

One or more plant pots might become suspended on monorails running along the cabling track in the main space, if no-one objects. They could move slowly along, (driven by photovoltaic cells or by a supply rail), and change directions when bumping into each other or into end-stops.

There are many ceiling beams from which hanging baskets could be suspended.


One spider plant (variegated) on the cable racking near the kitchen stairs.

Last watered

  • Thursday 6 June
  • Sunday 9th June



Two pots of spider plants (variegated) along the shelf above the kitchen worktop.

Last watered

  • Saturday 23 March
  • Tuesday 2 April
  • Thursday 6 June
  • Sunday 9th June

More plants?

  • in the meetspace?
  • in the mainspace? (fewer but large tree-ish plants?)
  • probably none in the workshop:)