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The workshop's primary large laser cutter


A 60W water cooled laser cutter, capable of cutting dimensions up to 600mm by 900mm


Full Purchase, Delivery and Installation (£6865.00+vat = £8238.00)

Maintenance/Spares Estimates:

Questions and Potential Requirements

  • Thickness of materials?
    • 25mm acrylic, 10-12mm ply (depending on ply)
  • Do we need a cooler unit?
    • No. More needed for continuous use (we expect regular but intermittent use)
  • What are the power supply requirements?
    • 240 V 50hz

--Brian Corteil 00:45, 3 January 2013 (UTC) How much power does the laser and the fume filter, require?

I have looked on their website and it's not clear, I also had a looked on the Bofa Website for information about the fume filter, and there are too many models to be able select the correct model. When you next contact the supplier. Can you ask the following.

What size supply will each item require?

I did read somewhere on the site, that the laser and the fume filter would be interlocked, is this correct? If so, this would suggest that only single supply would be required for both items. and one more question,

does the laser need a assigned PC?

  • [User:Barhamd] I'm wanting to cut thin 1mm and .5mm ABS or perspex for model buildings. Would like something that can cut and half-cut a fine ~.25mm line. Not so concerned about massive size. Is this some kind of work something that could be done on a large cutter or do we need a smaller unit too?
    • It states "Resetting position accuracy: 0.015mm"
  • How often do the lasers need replacing?
    • It depends on lots of things like care, use level, how much degradation is acceptable, luck - "could be 1 year or 5 years"; we will assume every year for now