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Note that some sensitive info may have been removed in these versions.  
Note that some sensitive info may have been removed in these versions.  
== 1 june 2015 ==
As we recover from a successful first ever Makespace Bazaar, the summer of making is getting underway with lots of new projects and plans for new meetups and new kit!
Do you Arduino?
We're trying to work out how best to resurrect the (briefly) popular and successful Arduino and Cake session. We want to know what's going to work best for everyone, so if you've any level of interest in the
idea of eating cake, learning how to use microelectronics (including complete beginners) and generally hacking around with such things, please feed us your input at: http://goo.gl/forms/J6RDokfKMA
Like to chat?
Our Makespace IRC chat room has always been very quiet.  We’ve set up a Slack chat channel now in case folks prefer that and hope it will be especially useful for volunteer coordination (organising inductions, kit owners figuring out maintenance, etc). If you’d like an invite just reply to this email!
It’s time to sew!
We’ve got interest in sewing, textile and leather work. If this appeals to you get involved, either in the forum threads (should we get an industrial sewing machine, general sewing interest discussion)  or come along to the first ever sewing and planning-sewing-kit meetup on June 10th.
Should we update our 3D printers?
We’re debating whether we need a new 3D printer - join the discussion https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/wcc3d_hhvkE  if you’d be interested in helping with maintenance or training post on the thread or get in touch with Rob Voisey rvoisey@gmail.com
Plan a road trip to Derby Maker Faire: Let Brian know if you'd like to join him and others heading to Derby on 24th October.
Things that fly
The first Things That Fly meetup was popular, and so we’re doing it again tomorrow! UAVs, drones, quadcopters and more all welcome.
More meetups
The Meetup calendar is getting busy with all kinds of fun things - check it out and find the events for you.
Short term bluetooth low energy contract
Jonny is looking for a BLE hacker for 3 weeks starting asap.
== 19 May 2015 ==  
== 19 May 2015 ==  

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Here you'll find all the member update emails that get sent out. Hopefully a useful resource for new members wondering what's been happening lately!

If you have items for upcoming newsletters, email laura.james at the obvious domain :)

Note that some sensitive info may have been removed in these versions.

1 june 2015

As we recover from a successful first ever Makespace Bazaar, the summer of making is getting underway with lots of new projects and plans for new meetups and new kit!

Do you Arduino? We're trying to work out how best to resurrect the (briefly) popular and successful Arduino and Cake session. We want to know what's going to work best for everyone, so if you've any level of interest in the idea of eating cake, learning how to use microelectronics (including complete beginners) and generally hacking around with such things, please feed us your input at: http://goo.gl/forms/J6RDokfKMA

Like to chat? Our Makespace IRC chat room has always been very quiet. We’ve set up a Slack chat channel now in case folks prefer that and hope it will be especially useful for volunteer coordination (organising inductions, kit owners figuring out maintenance, etc). If you’d like an invite just reply to this email!

It’s time to sew! We’ve got interest in sewing, textile and leather work. If this appeals to you get involved, either in the forum threads (should we get an industrial sewing machine, general sewing interest discussion) or come along to the first ever sewing and planning-sewing-kit meetup on June 10th.

Should we update our 3D printers? We’re debating whether we need a new 3D printer - join the discussion https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/wcc3d_hhvkE if you’d be interested in helping with maintenance or training post on the thread or get in touch with Rob Voisey rvoisey@gmail.com

Plan a road trip to Derby Maker Faire: Let Brian know if you'd like to join him and others heading to Derby on 24th October.

Things that fly The first Things That Fly meetup was popular, and so we’re doing it again tomorrow! UAVs, drones, quadcopters and more all welcome.

More meetups The Meetup calendar is getting busy with all kinds of fun things - check it out and find the events for you.

Short term bluetooth low energy contract Jonny is looking for a BLE hacker for 3 weeks starting asap.

19 May 2015

Thursday 28th - the first ever Makespace Bazaar!

Like a normal monthly social... but better! We'll appropriate the classroom for the first Makespace Bazaar: Show-and-tell: Finished a project? Started a project? Thinking about starting a project? Come and show us what you've got! Bring-and-buy: Got a parts box in need of a spring clean? Bought a load of material that you don't need? Come and swap, beg, borrow, give, sell, buy. Get involved: Want to help Makespace run, but don't know what to do or who to talk to? We'll sort that out! If you're interested in some table space comment on Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/222243595/) or email Brian Starkey or the list so we’ve got an idea how much space we might need. If you've got other suggestions for how to make The Bazaar even better, Brian would love to hear them.

Our first schools visits happened in the last few weeks and went really well. Thanks John Clamp for putting so much effort into planning and figuring out how to make these work! We have a template for future visits now so if you’d like to liaise with a local school and set up similar visits, it’s much easier. Here’s what the year 5 Tech Club made:

Robot wars The Potteries hackspace are planning a Robot Wars in August. https://www.facebook.com/interhackspacerobotwars?fref=ts http://potterieshackspace.org/events/robot-wars/ Should Makespace put a team in? let us know https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/NF5fieULF04

Things that Fly Join makers and flyers on Tuesday May 19th at 7pm, for all kinds of flying things (drones, quadcopters, RV, UAV, FPV etc) http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/222353772/

Hacking the food chain Upcoming sustainability hacking on May 27th: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/220610691/

Made something interesting lately? Let us know by replying to this newsletter, or pop a photo in our Flickr pool https://www.flickr.com/groups/cammakespace/pool

Wondering where all the Makespace chat is? It’s on our Google group forum! Available as an email list or web forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cammakespace

Want more face to face Making and chatting? Set up a meetup, or help organise our monthly socials! http://www.meetup.com/makespace/

21 April 2015

April is a busy month at Makespace with lots going on - lots of making, lots of events, and Makespace people doing lots of good things from winning funds to bootstrap a biolab, volunteering to look after equipment, getting kids making, preparing for Maker Faire, etc. And there's more happening in May! As ever, if you have messages you'd like to share with Makespace members, just let me know :)

Big clean up: On May 2nd and 3rd we’re having a clean up! Come along to help spruce up the space, get things in order and maybe reorganise things to be easier to find and use: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/221578932/

School visits to Makespace A heads-up for everyone that on 30 April, 7 May, and 14 May, from 9:30-11:30am, groups of school children will be visiting Makespace with their teachers and will be using the CNC Router, Vinyl Cutter & T shirt press & classroom. Please note that these bits of kit and the classroom are thereby ‘booked’ at those times by the Makespace hosts.

Maker faire & Good for Nothing Lots of Makespace makers are off to Newcastle for the UK Maker Faire this weekend (25-26th). If you'd like to go, there's still time to get tickets! If you can't travel but still fancy doing something fun this weekend, Makespace is hosting Good For Nothing and you can help a local group, the E-luminate Foundation, by making and hacking at Makespace - http://www.goodfornothing.com/gigs/e-luminate-24-hour-gig

Maker Camp 2015 Dates: July 6 - August 14

Maker Camp is a virtual DIY camp. It’s a great way to enhance your summer programming by adding interactive projects to your schedule of activities. Each week will be themed to include skill builder activities as well as fun interactive projects for all ages. Click here to view archived programming from previous years.

Our goal in creating the affiliate program is to connect camp participants to their local community organizations (libraries, makerspaces, schools, museums) where they can join their peers and participate in Maker Camp at a physical location.

Affiliates receive a “playbook” to facilitate hosting Maker Camp at physical locations, with suggested curriculum by day and week. Take a look at the Affiliate Playbook from last year to give you some ideas about how to integrate Maker Camp into your existing program.

To apply for the 2015 affiliate program please complete the application HERE. We will be reviewing and accepting applications in and ongoing basis until the start of the Maker Camp program in July.

We are thrilled to offer this program again, and hope you will join us for another great summer!

-The Maker Camp Team

21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)~~ Community messages 21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)Laura (talk) 21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)

Bees in a Tin

£250 fees available for this interesting-looking day event in Birmingham.

Bees in a Tin is an unconventional convention for interesting people making novel interfaces through which to experience the world.

Bees in a Tin is a gathering happening on the 12th of June 2015 for interesting and exciting people who make unique interfaces for the world around them. This year it’s happening in partnership with Supersonic as part of their annual festival of experimental music and art.

And we’re currently looking for people to present… interesting and exciting things, experiences, performances, talks, artefacts, ideas and other nouns, at the event.

If you have devised (or are devising) a novel way of interacting with your surroundings that makes people stop, think or just go “wow!”, then we would like to be in the same room as you. Your project could be a performance piece; guided walk; interactive object; data visualisation; science experiment or something completely different. Surprise us!

It doesn’t have to be arts-based and it doesn’t have to be finished: we’re looking for things that invite us to consider our position in relationship to things differently.

We’ll be in a space that can accommodate talks, workshops and/or playtesting and feedback on work in progress. Tell us how you’d like to feed into the day and we’ll do our best to squeeze in as much amazing stuff as we can.


21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)21:51, 21 April 2015 (BST)~~

Cambridge University Medical Device Start Up looking for Technical Support with Prototype development.

Ingenious Instruments Ltd is a social enterprise venture run by two Ex- Cambridge University engineers aimed at creating low cost scientific devices out of open source components. The first device is a microscope developed as part of a Masters project at Cambridge University and Winner of the McKinsey Venture Academy competition in 2014 out of over 400 teams in the UK. We are funded by McKinsey and UnLtd for Social Entrepreneurs.

We are looking for someone to do a contract piece of work for us to help finish the prototype development.

Required experience:

· use of Raspberry Pi and Arduino

· designing and constructing hardware

· programming in C++ and Python for motor control, image processing.

The role will involve:

· Prototype development (improvement of existing prototype and new features)

· Mechanical system design using Arduinos for control

· Software development and integration.

Further details will be provided before the start of the role.

Timescale: May-July 2015 Payment: based on experience

If you are interested in the role get in touch! Email Nikki Ravi with a short description of your experience and we will arrange a time to chat/meet in person in the first week of May.

7 April 2015

Makespace has been open for 2 years!

It's amazing how it's grown and developed - check out the early days on our Flickr group. A huge thank you all, not just to our Founder Members who made Makespace happen, but all the folks who have given time and energy to make Makespace work over the last two years and every day still. If you would like to get more involved, there's lots of ways to help - in the space, online, with admin, with maintenance, with training, with organising events, and more. If you're not sure how to get started, just reply to this email :)

We've come such a long way from Paintspace - and all of this was made 100% by volunteers like you.


Things recently made in Makespace: The most beautiful fridge doors in the world: https://plus.google.com/108441867756891057423/posts/6sGLEGSpe4W

The Nuncha music performance interface: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/photos/25950395/

We have new neighbours!

If someone shows you an access token, don’t assume they are a member and let them in! The tokens we use are generic and many offices etc use them, as well as other people with access to the building we are in, but not Makespace. Makespace members should always be able to blip themselves in! If their fob has stopped working they need to let us know at membership@makespace.org so we can fix it. If they are someone who has just been inducted but whose keyfob hasn’t been activated, then that’s for a reason - we haven’t finished our checks to get them set up as a member. So unless you want to take full responsibility for them whilst they are in the space, like any other guest, you shouldn’t let them in! Remember, you are responsible for anyone you let into the space whether or not you know them - you’re responsible for their safety, to ensure they don’t break or steal things, for how they treat other people, etc.

The latest kit: Knitting machine is up and working - see http://wiki.makespace.org/Equipment/Knitting_Machine for more

so is PCB Mill (which is called Percy) http://wiki.makespace.org/Equipment/PCB_Mill

Both are ‘red’ equipment meaning you’ll need induction before you can use them.

Work continues on screenprinting setup too!

Your help needed - local hacking for good! You may remember there was an awesome 'Good for Nothing' hackathon at Makespace last year - http://www.goodfornothing.com/. We'd like to do one again but we need Makespace members there to help things run smoothly.

Whether you are happy doing one hour or the whole weekend - please let the contact below know as soon as possible if you're happy to help and be involved. We already have Eric Gowland on hand for three hours, but we need more members to let people into the building, toilets, etc. and generally act as a liaison on behalf of Makespace. They would appreciate your input to the project too!

Good for Nothing is a bit like a house party but we're doing stuff for good rather than getting hammered! We will have 24 hours to tackle some real-life problems for a to-be-named local venture (a business, organisation or charity that is changing the world but needs help!). A collection of designers, We will be spending time thinking, scribbling and with the help of some fantastic makers...making! Find out more: http://www.goodfornothing.com/gigs/24-hour-gig

The hours are: Friday 24th 6pm–9pm and Saturday 25th 9am–7pm

Please let steve know asap that you're in!

Don’t miss…

The first ever Cambridge lifehackers meetup on April 14th http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/221413442/

The next Sustainability Hacking event on April 22nd http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/221507676/

Building a microscope with Hack The Lab on May 2nd (book now!) http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/221524812/

20 Mar 2015

There's some really great events coming up:

Tomorrow, drop in to Collusion’s Maker Challenge showcase any time 10am-5pm to see how Cambridge’s toughest problems could be solved.

On Tuesday night, Cannybots (3d printed toy robots, created in Makespace) are running a BlueBrain hacking session. On Wednesday night there’s Sustainability Hacking, and next Saturday at noon it’s Hack the Lab open hardware for science.

There’s more events on our Meetup as always, and don’t forget that members can always run events in Makespace, so if you are looking for a specific topic and don’t see it in the schedule, you can make it happen!

Bio stuff London hackspace is now the first UK community laboratory to be registered as a Genetic Modification Centre (No. 3266)! If synthbio, DIYbio, DNA hacking etc are things you, or folks you know are interested in, there are some efforts to create a bio hack space in Cambridge - get in touch and we’ll connect you all together so you can make it happen.

Community messages

Synth bio funds for projects with University of Cambridge

Just a note about a fund I'm coordinating, which will provide £4k (+£1k) grants for synthetic biology. The primary applicant must be from University of Cambridge but we are *strongly* encouraging external collaborations with Cambridge based businesses and people within the interdisciplinary teams. Synthetic biology is the application of engineering principles to biological systems, which is pretty broad but typically involves treating DNA like software and trying to engineer pathways to make useful molecules and design genetic circuits. Projects we'd be happy to fund include: Hardware prototyping (lab robots, pipetting automation, low-cost lab hardware) Software (modelling, synthetic biology design, control software for existing hardware) Biology (making and characterising DNA 'parts' or modules) Art inspired by synthetic biology Policy/legal white papers. The key thing is that there must be a tangible outcome from the project and it must be documented openly online for others to use. The projects will run for 6 months and if you're making hardware, makespace membership would be an appropriate use of funds so do consider this! The deadline for applications is 9 April 2015 and we're also running a science hardware meetup at makespace on 28 March if anyone is keen http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/220734355/.

The SynBio Fund from the University of Cambridge Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative offers grants totalling £5k (£4k initially and £1k for follow-up and outreach) to interdisciplinary teams based at the University creating open and innovative outputs of relevance to Synthetic Biology, a field applying engineering principles to biology. For more details and to apply by 9 April 2015 please visit the website: http://www.synbio.cam.ac.uk/synbiofund

Please do spread the word among your friends and colleagues, share these links and retweet @SynBioSRI or #SynBioFund. Please don't hesitate to contact Jenny Molloy for more information.

Hackspace robot wars? My name is James Davies, I am part of the Potteries Hackspace in Stoke-on-Trent. I've noticed online before that interest has been raised before for a national inter Hackspace robot wars.

I'm just wondering at the moment if there is enough interest to make this viable. If you might be interested in this idea, please fill out this short (less than one minute) survey to see what support this project would have.


With thanks, James Davies.

16 feb 2015

Thanks for your stories! Thank you to everyone who has contributed stories of things made, skills learned, business success and more. It’s not too late to add yours to the mix - just reply to this email to contact laura.james@makespace.org!

Seeking open hardware folks!

A local business has been in touch looking to connect with folks who know about open hardware. Might that be you? And should we have an open hardware meetup? If so, get in touch with us or on the Google group mailing list.

Better for events! We’ve now got new chairs in the classroom - more comfy and more of them, and they stack, so it’s easier to run events. Are there other events we should be running, such as Project Speed Dating (helping match people and projects!), Lightning talks or Pecha Kucha, or anything else? If so you can make it happen! Set up an event on meetup.com, gather interest on our mailing list, or get in touch with (us) if you want help or have questions.

Our second birthday We opened in March 2013 and we should celebrate our second birthday! If you can help organise our party - food, entertainment/talks/demos, invites - let us know in the Google groups thread.

Restart party Does anyone fancy hosting a Restart Party at Makespace? A Restart Party is a free community event where volunteers help people fix their own broken electricals and electronics, to save them from waste and change our relationship with electronics. Any group can throw a Restart Party anywhere - and Makespace is well equipped to do so! Learn more here: http://therestartproject.org/restartparty/ and if you’re interested, find others on the mailing list so we can make a Restart Party happen as a team.

Coming up soon:

Open Data Day on February 21st: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/220273179/ Hacking and making things that use or generate open public data of any kind as part of the international Open Data Day Hackathon http://opendataday.org/. We can go local, from open source air quality sensors for Cambridge to visualisations using local government open data, or global with a whole range of hardware and software projects to choose from. There are already 86 events happening all over the world (http://opendataday.org/map/) and online connections are encouraged so we can wave goodbye to Japan in the morning and pass the baton onto West Coast US before heading to the pub.

The first ever Cambridge Dorkbot! http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/220487720 Dorkbot is 'People doing strange things with electricity' Dorkbot encourages grassroots meetings of artists, engineers, designers, scientists, inventors and anyone else working under the very broad umbrella of electronic art. Cambridge finally gets its own Dorkbot series with local and guest talks and short OpenDorks for quick project presentations. Presentations: • Richard Hoadley -- recent work on dance-music-text piece 'Semaphore' • Bettina Furnee and Dylan Banarse -- 'Reality Rules' project. Augmented reality, participation and printmaking on Parkers Piece. • Colin Dewar -- capturing the motion of a violinist's arm Short presentations/OpenDorks: • Marco Galardini Plus OpenDorks / show and tell -- turn up and talk about your project! twitter: @dorkbotcam / facebook: DorkbotCambridgeUK

Maker Faire UK It’s that time of year again! Makers of all kinds will be gathering in Newcastle on 25-26 April. http://www.makerfaireuk.com/ This is a great chance to meet folks, see what things are being made, get inspired, learn tips on how to make things, and show off what you’ve been working on. There is likely to be a good Makespace turnout. Check out all the fun last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm0WBReGsqc Tickets are on sale now and there are likely to be folks on our mailing list coordinating transport and so on.

Community messages

One of our members is recruiting a web UI developer/designer: Plotist is an upcoming web application that will help writers create better stories (books, movies, comics, ...) by letting them not only take notes but use them with visualization tools to build their plots before (or during) the writing process. We are currently looking for a web designer or developer, self-employed or freelancer, to help us build parts of the user interface. The job will involve hand coding a web interface using HTML/CSS. Wireframes will be provided, but they are not definitive and any improvement will be considered. More information is available at www.plotist.com/hiring. If you're interested, send an email telling us about yourself and including a CV and links to your work

late jan 2015

News about a potential BBC visit, knitting, sustainable products and more!

We’re still seeking things that you’ve built (or are building!) Tell us how Makespace has helped you - and you will help Makespace!

If you've built a prototype, a product, a business, a beautiful thing, a gift, or if you've learned a new skill, or found a job, or otherwise benefitted from Makespace in any way, we'd love to hear about it! Just reply to this email - or contact me at laura.james@makespace.org Even the small stories, a new skill you’ve learnt, a helping hand on your project, a new contact who has helped your business, will make a difference to the future of Makespace.

You don't need to write anything - I'll happily interview you at a time that suits you, or work from blog posts or photos you already have, whatever makes it easiest for you!

I'll be writing up all these success stories so that we can use them in securing funds, new kit, new space and more support. Email laura.james@makespace.org or tweet @CamMakespace

The BBC are looking for groups who have built things together!

Are you passionate about robotics and engineering? Do you build as part of a team, or as a hobby? We want to hear from you! The BBC are currently developing a competition format for robotics and engineering. The programme would involve teams building robots, devices and contraptions to complete different tasks and challenges. At the moment we’re trying to find a good cross section of hobbyists, enthusiasts and hackers to show the variety of creative engineering in the UK. We’re currently looking for any teams which have built or designed robots and devices in their spare time. So if you enjoy creating contraptions, please contact Alice: alice.walker-mitchell at bbc.co.uk We’d love to hear about any projects you’ve worked on, and what your dream builds would be!

Digital Shoreditch

As a background there is this event happening this year in May: http://digitalshoreditch.com

Rebecca from Digital Shoreditch is coming up to Cam on the 30th Jan and expressed an interest in meeting interesting companies in the area.

I'd like to gauge interest to see if any people think they, or someone they know, might like to come along to Makespace (possibly decamping to The Mill, all depending) on the 30th Jan to meet Rebecca?

I don't have a start time yet, but it's tending towards the evening, will let you know more when I know more.

Contact Wayne if you’re interested!

Is it time to knit?

Interested in the Knitting Machine? It needs owners to volunteer to train others and look after it, training others and so on. If this could be you, let Thomas know: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/-g2aBOvmtFY

Missing aluminium

Jonny W writes:

I left several lengths of 20mm aluminium extrusion in a cardboard wrapping with my name on in the trove, just on the right of the door as you walk in. Today I came in to cut it up and I find that I am missing

1) 1.5m 2020 black standard extrusion 2) 1.5m 2020 silver V Slot extrusion

Has anyone moved them? They were brand new and will be a not insignificant cost for me to replace, not to mention delaying my project a week or two while I sort it out, so you can imagine I'm rather vexed at the moment. Please return if you moved these! Or replace if you used them. Don't use things in the trove that are clearly named or marked "do not hack"!

If you are the last out….

Don’t forget to check fire doors and lights! There’s a checklist by the front door to help you remember. It’s important that fire doors are shut (less fire!) and also that lights are off (saving energy - which we pay for).

Lost property

The lost property table is getting full. Long standing lost property will be moved into the office (or the bin, if it doesn't look like something folks will return for). Lost property is not a convenient storage place for your stuff! Please retrieve what you've lost :) Sustainable products competition

Think big this term. If you’ve got an idea – any idea – for a product that could improve our lives in a sustainable way, you could win £1,000 and the chance to prototype it with Cambridge Research & Development.

For the second year running, EcoHouse Initiative is organising the Sustainable Product Design Competition in collaboration with Cambridge Research & Development.

The deadline for entries is 27th February. In your submission we are looking for:

1 – 500-word business plan 2 – A3 Poster explaining your product 3 – (Optional) Model/Prototype

We will be holding individual Q&A sessions with two of the judges in Week 2 of Lent Term for interested students and teams. Sign up to a session here: http://doodle.com/imgt53mbcrdwdc32 If you cannot make any of the available slots, please email president@ecohouseinitiative.org and we will find an alternative time for you.

For more information on the comeptition, and examples of past entries, visit our website: http://students.ecohouseinitiative.org/communications/sustainable-product-design-competition-with-crd/ or our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1402064643422314/

Enquires contact: ecohouseinitiative.org

Jan 2015

Hello Makespace member!

Built something at Makespace? Learnt something at Makespace? Tell us how Makespace has helped you - and you will help Makespace!

If you've built a prototype, a product, a business, a beautiful thing, a gift, or if you've learned a new skill, or found a job, or have had any other kind of success at makespace, big or small, we'd love to hear about it! Just reply to this email - or contact me at laura.james@makespace.org Your stories will help us build a better future Makespace by helping us showcase the successes members have had. Even the small stories, the delighted parent receiving a homemade gift, the new job contract secure, just one sentence or photograph, will make a difference to the future of Makespace.

You don't need to write anything - I'll happily interview you at a time that suits you, or work from blog posts or photos you already have, whatever makes it easiest for you! If you've come across a project or build at Makespace that you think is awesome, or you know someone who has built something cool, please let me know too - then I can track them down for more info. I'll be writing up all these success stories so that we can use them in securing funds, new kit, new space and more support. Email laura.james at makespace or tweet @CamMakespace

Lost property

Lost your Christmas jumper or scarf? We’ve got quite a bit of lost property - check the shelf in the hallway if you’ve mislaid anything! Note that things left there for more than a couple of months may get binned...

Upcoming events

Thursday evenings remain regular weekly maker night - all members are welcome and there's a good chance you'll find folk around who can help with your project, or might be looking for help on theirs. Don't forget our monthly social night - the next one is thursday 29th January. Maybe this month we could have some short lightning talks on what folks are doing or finding interesting? If you'd be up for giving a brief intro/talk/enthuse/demo/request for help, add a comment on the meetup here http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/219450283/

Cannybots event

Cannybots are planning to run a competitive event on 29 January at Makespace; during the run up we are offering discounted Cannybot kits to members.

Here’s more info http://www.cannybots.com/makespace-trophy/

Interested in Kinect hacking and computer vision?

Next Monday’s meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/219624325/

Ever wanted to use a computer to draw on eggs?

A message from Luke on the Google group: if you’d like to support this purchase idea, by volunteering your time to help look after the Eggbot, let folks know in the thread here - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/FyAloN9yWMU

Now that we have all made it through the most recent festive period I can imagine you are all looking forward to Easter :P

To satisfy the need to just "make stuff" I thought the space would really benefit from an EggBot. This would be really great for the family makers. It's simple to use, safe and great fun.

What is an EggBot?

An EggBot is a compact, easy to use art robot that can draw on small spherical and egg-shaped objects. The EggBot was originally invented by motion control artist Bruce Shapiro in 1990. Since then, EggBots have been used as educational and artistic pieces in museums and workshops. We have been working with Bruce since 2010 to design and manufacture EggBot kits. Today, our well-known Deluxe EggBot kit is a popular favorite at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world.

An EggBot is a highly adjustable machine, designed to draw on all kinds of things that are normally "impossible" to print on. Not just eggs but ping pong balls, golf balls, light bulbs, and even small mini pumpkins.

Basically an EggBot uses a Sharpie to draw your computer generated designs directed onto eggs and other spherical objects.

I propose we purchase the following model (is more rugged as thus more suitable for the Makespace):


Can we put it to a vote, decided by majority? With a deadline of 19/01/2015.

I am more than willing to put the time in to commission the machine as an owner and provide several training sessions in time for Easter.

[Note from the Editor: we need to see at least 3 people willing to ‘own’ the item so Luke alone is not enough!]

Fancy some fancier 3d printing?

There’s a thread about whether we should get an SLA based 3d printer: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/4663A-4KcAc Do contribute if you have thoughts on this, and if you are keen for us to get one, can you offer time and energy to help set up and maintain and train on it? If there’s interest and at least 3 owners/trainers willing to contribute time to it, we will evaluate a proposal. For kit like this, the more people willing to help the better as it means there can be more trainings, and less burden on volunteers! yay!

If you have anything you’d like included in the next newsletter, contact laura.james at makespace with your message!

Community messages -----------------------

Nicky Teegan writes:

I am the Arts Coordinator at Julie's Bicycle.

I am curating an event in Cambridge at the end of January, that I would love you to be part of.

The event is at Wysing Arts Centre on the 28th of January which will focus on bringing together different thinkers, academics, artists and innovators to explore new models of working that are shaping a more sustainable future for the arts and culture.

The day will be broken into two sections:

The morning will focus on Materials, Resources and Procurement focusing on three key areas:

Resources, Materials and Drivers for Change

Impacts of the Digital: low impact technologies, sustainability and digital technologies

Community Building// Practicalities of Building Spaces//Exchange Economies

The afternoon will focus on working internationally presenting different art touring models.

There will be some performances from the artist Angharad Wynn Jones and Julie's Bicycle will host an action planning workshop.

The overall aim of the day is to present different models of working to build a sustainable future within the arts and culture.

We would love for Cambridge Makespace to be part of this, through being one of the panelists, doing presentation or a workshop.

Do you think you would be interested in participating in some form?

This will be a visual arts audience.

Nov 2014

Check below for Maker Challenge (deadline tonight!), new kit and more:

In Makespace this month: We’ve got a shiny big new Vinyl cutter, and a T Shirt press! Custom T shirts can now be made. These items are in the newly organised room upstairs with other kit for textiles work and a good big clean table. A second laser cutter has been ordered and will arrive in a couple of weeks - please bear with the folks who will be setting it up and getting it ready for use before diving in.

Kit needing love and attention The knitting machine and screen printing kit could use some more folks to help them get set up and really usable by people. If you think these are things you’d like to use, you can be an owner and help Makespace!

Other makespace news

We had a big clean up and so the space is looking nice. If anything you used is now missing check the “what went where” list on the door into the main space. Some member boxes acquired labels too as we did a sweep to spot unused boxes or those of folks who have left. Please make sure your box has your full name on it so we know it is yours, and that the name is visible when it’s on the shelf! (note: “Dave” is not a sufficient identifier, we have lots of Daves. Also, initials and nicknames don’t help when we’re trying to match you against a membership list which has full names ;)

We’re putting out some Orange lanyards by the front door. These are for folks who don’t want to be disturbed with questions or requests for help - so if you see someone in a wide orange lanyard please let them get on without interruption. Many of the people who will wear these are our most active volunteers who help make Makespace run day to day, and who are generally happy to help. It’s wonderful that they are so helpful but they do occasionally need to get stuff done, so please respect their wish to make things when they are wearing an orange lanyard!.

It’s December soon...

Watch out for an update of seasonal events coming in the next newsletter! We’re thinking about Christmas gift making workshops (discussion on the Google Group) and we’ll also have a Christmas Party. If you’d like to be involved join the discussion on the mailing list.

APPLY TO BE PART OF THE MAKER CHALLENGE - it's quick to apply; deadline is 10pm on Tuesday 11 November

More info here http://www.collusion.org.uk/Maker-Challenge

Collusion is looking for 16 people from Makespace and beyond to join four multi-disciplinary artist led teams taking part in the Maker Challenge at Makespace. The teams will be challenged to develop an Internet of Things idea in response to Cambridge’s ‘wicked’ problems, aka, problems that are difficult or seemingly impossible to solve, e.g. congestion, pollution, lack of night time economy, energy use, bring the city's disparate communities together. The teams will work over three Saturdays (6 Dec, 17 Jan, 28 Feb) to each develop a playful prototype idea with the support of a dossier of data, a £250 budget and visiting advisers. The results will be presented at the University of Cambridge Science Festival in March 2015. For information, see the brief for team members at http://www.collusion.org.uk/Maker-Challenge.

I encourage as many people to get involved as possible and make a difference no matter your skill level - I'm really looking forward to a fun event!

The Deconstruction


name is Noah Hussin, and I represent The Deconstruction, a 

not-for-profit, decentralized event celebrating light-hearted provocative creativity.


I am very impressed with your work. So much education is rather abstract and detached from practical, kinetic skills. I particularly appreciate how focused MakeSpace

is on community outreach, showing people what can be done with the 

material right in front of them. I can only imagine your work does amazing things for your students' sense of what they're capable of.


wanted to extend an invitation to your community to join us this year 

as a team (or multiple teams). Basically, starting November 14, teams from around the world have 48 hours to do or make anything, in any medium, to make us think a little bit differently about life as we know it. We aim to slowly advance the wider cultural dialogue toward a more conscious, critical, and creative state, having a lot of fun in the process.


the event, we broadcast a live talk show out of Oakland, California 

where we interview the teams, discuss creativity in all its facets, and loosen up the rigid notions of truth that bind us all down. This show is

free for anybody to watch, as long as they have access to the internet.


and the makers, artists, and doers it encourages would be an incredible
addition, and I hope you'll check out the website above and watch the 

video to see if you might be interested in participating this year.


would also really appreciate it if you would send this to any other 

people you know who might be interested. We especially want to reach out

to students and other young people who might not already feel empowered
as artists and makers. We had some truly inspiring projects last year, 

and we hope to push even further this time.

Oct 2014

Big clean up - 25th + 26th October

We’re cleaning up the space! There will be lots of different ways to get involved - cleaning, tidying, improving documentation on the wiki, creating posters, making galleries of shiny things folks have made, writing up and laminating signage, labelling things, writing shopping lists, nipping out to buy supplies, and more. So it’s not just scrubbing floors - there are lots of ways to help - do come along if you can.

We’ll have a big sprint 10:30 - 3:30 on Saturday but there will be folks working on this through the weekend.

Sign up so we know you are coming, or just show up! http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/210299102/

Makespace tools are for use in Makespace. Please don’t take them away/home/on holiday.

On October 30th there’s a reception about Smarter Cities in Makespace, so we’ll have a lot of visitors and 30 members can attend - RVSP essential. This means we aren’t having our usual monthly social.

Please note Makespace will be invite only for the reception on the 30th from about 8pm!

There are 30 spaces for Makespace members to attend - it should be a good party. More details and sign up here: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/210698122/

We need people to showcase their work and run tables in the classroom. More details and signup here: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/210696642/

Family makers? Check out their own meetup group for all the latest events: http://www.meetup.com/Family-Makers


“We aim to: Run a convention for people who like awesome and creative things, where they can learn about, buy, and interact with awesome things that they might not have tried before, in an environment filled with similar-minded people who think that making stuff is great.”

The Event: When - Currently aiming for March 2016 Saturday - Talks, workshops, demos & exhibitors held in one building. Sunday - Attendee run workshops and ‘creation jams’, held at separate locations. Attendees – 20-somethings and older, either into making things/doing things or just really likes trying out new stuff. Curious, relatively cultured and educated, open to new experiences and with a story to tell. Into multiple genres and mediums, with a pop culture focus. An active and involved discoverer, rather than a passive consumer. Exhibitors – Creators with something of their own to show off and sell. Demos – Interactive, hands-on, engagement with a product. Talks – Show and tells about the creation of something Workshops – Anything where a thing actually gets made

Main Threads: Hobbies & Crafts, Games, Multimedia, and Handy Knowledge With a lot of crossover between these.

The Location An area with multiple function rooms of varying size, accessible to attendees from 10AM to 8PM, with some form of catering and a bar/social area. Able to hold around 300 attendees, 20 exhibitors, and event staff.

The Budget £5000, based on 300 attendees at £15 and 20 Exhibitors at £30. Includes +£800 of Seed money, gained from £100 committee buy-in (to be returned when possible) and Kickstarter tickets pre-sale. All finances will be “open book” and the event is non-profit.

The Committee Flat hierarchy, with the Chair having a “final call” in cases of dispute. Input and involvement with all areas by all members of the committee in all roles is encouraged, but each position holder will be responsible for the final decisions made. Chair – providing overall direction and guiding discussions, Head of Crew – ensuring everything is being done and supporting the team PR – external media contact & maintaining the website Social Media –social media platforms & communications with attendees Exhibitor Coordinator – curating and overseeing the Exhibitors Demo Coordinator – curating and overseeing the Demos Panel Coordinator – curating and overseeing the talks and workshops Finance and Logistics– handling the money and the getting of things Interested in getting involved? Email thatmrpurpleguy@gmail.com with why you would be great for a role in the Committee!

Fancy a break from the big clean up?

Hustle, misfits, and jugaad: alternative economic models from around the world. Saturday 25th October, 11:00-12:30 Faculty of Law, Sidgwick Site

Over 4 billion people live outside the formal economy. Join Jaideep Prabhu, Tatiana Thieme and Kyra Maya Phillips in a discussion about alternative, informal economic models which include ‘hustling’ in cities like Nairobi, Detroit, Paris and Barcelona; the Indian concept of ‘Jugaad’; and black, gray, informal and other ‘misfit economies’ from around the world. This discussion will be chaired by the BBC's Peter Day.

This event is free, and is taking place as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2014. To book your place at the event, visit www.festivalofideas.cam.ac.uk or call 01223 766766.

18 Sept 2014

Hi everyone,

Lots of news this month so do read all the way down - some of the best stuff (the Heath Robinson contraptions in particular) are saved for last ;)

Happenings & makings

Many of us went to EMFCamp! We had a huge Makespace presence and an incredible roster of speakers too. It was lovely to see everyone - check out our marquee!

Mark shares several things: Filmed at Makespace IoT talks:

Cambridge Internet of Things Talks: Tim Murdoch from Cambridge Consultants Cambridge Internet of Things Talks: Paul Egan from Neul

Not strictly made at Makespace, but a few of us have heeded the call on the mailing list to support the production of Ren the Series (a six part YouTube series) out at Caxton - others are laser cutting and using Makespace kit, I sculpted and cast some brooches for the costumes: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ennui2342/15028425570/

Finished the helmets for kids Halloween costumes made during family makers: http://instagram.com/p/sFCsrGji0e/

Work in progress: infinity mirror (like the one in the kitchen) necklace: http://instagram.com/p/r-J4X1Di1s/

From Vincent - something made for a Debian conference: http://vincentsanders.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/without-craftsmanship-inspiration-is.html

From Tom: The BaseBot is a shiny thing built in makespace, it's up to version 16 (with 17 in the pipeline featuring more user-friendly power options) and has some news: - There's a makespace team (or at least a team of makespace members) entering the PiWars competition in December with a BaseBot based robot, anyone is welcome to get involved. Work is happening at monday pi-makers. - The blog, twitter and wiki are up (http://basebot.org, @thebasebot) and ready for more information and contributions - At EMF I did a 15 minute talk and had a lot of interest, including a UK based company who are keen to act as a distributor, we're working out the practicalities at the moment but if that comes through it would be a way to produce the several thousand needed to get them into schools.

Kim’s been making jewellery.

Have you found….

On Friday evening, Maciek kindly replaced a broken USB drive for the CNC Router with a lovely shiny Aluminium cased device.

By Tuesday it had already gone missing!

If you have used this USB drive over the last few days, please can you have a look in your personal belongings to ensure you haven't accidentally taken it/stored it away. Or if you have moved it to another part of Makespace, please can you put it back or let us know where it is.

If you are unsure if it's the CNC Router USB drive, check the volume name, it should read "CNC Router".

Getting stuck in

Makespace is an awesome collaboration of talented motivated volunteers. All your training, the running of the machines and many other things are done by volunteers, and we think they do an awesome job! Here's your chance to help out and become even more involved in the Makespace community. We would like more equipment owners and/or trainers. You don't have to know how to maintain the equipment or how to teach. All it takes is being able to use a particular machine or part of Makespace and a willingness to help. (This means an hour or two a week, it's enjoyable and it's working with other owner/trainers at least at first, so you are not alone!) We currently would love to find more owners or trainers for the following aspects of Makespace: 3D Printer Electronics Workbench. (It's reasonably well equipped, could be better, needs some love!)

Keeping the stationery in order.  The pens, calipers, knives, and so on would all benefit from someone to own them and keep them in order.

bandsaw and many other things too - eg the CAD machines, a corner of the secure workshop If you might be able to help, contact the current owners via the email address on the poster by the kit or on the wiki, or post on our Google Group, or get in touch with exec@ makespace.org

Also specifically: Is anyone interested in becoming an owner/trainer of the CNC Router? If so post in https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/cammakespace/0aNnAEGF-5U or contact Chris Abri Preferably those with previous CNC router experience, although those without will also be given the opportunity.

It’s clean up time!

Time for an autumn clean. Makespace will pay for pizzas for those engaged in a clean and tidy up!

We’ve had two weekends suggested - 18-19 October and 25-26 when folks will drop in and collectively clean and tidy things up.

Volunteers to help sort out the office (oh, the paperwork needing filing! Oh, the broken/spare kit needing sorting! Oh, the dead chairs needing chucking out!) will be especially welcome on 25-26th.

Either just drop in, or synchronise with others on our Google Group, or if you are super keen, set up a Meetup with a specific time and let folks know so you can get together. Cleaning is more fun as a team!

Coming up

Next month, Makespace special featuring talks from companies which prototyped at Makespace: http://www.meetup.com/Cambridge-Internet-of-Things/events/206182042/

Reminder that the social this month is being hijacked to canvas support for the Collusion hacks - they will be providing food! http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/199766742/

Want a fun job? Interactive Waves Demo!

Our aim is to produce an interactive installation where waves diffract around people or objects placed on the floor. It should be large enough that multiple people can stand in the exhibit area, and bright enough that it is usable in standard ambient lighting conditions. This will feel immersive, rather like a non-wet version of the old fashioned ripple tanks. A plane wave enters from one side and the waves should propagate through the exhibit and people/objects placed in the area should act as absorbing/reflecting objects. The hardware requirements amount to a means of displaying the waves on the floor (from an overhead projector), webcam[s] to track objects, and suitable mounting hardware/computer. The algorithm we have trialled and software should be developed in Python, and we can employ someone flexibly (eg part time) through the University TES, probably needing 3 months work with a possibility for continuation. A more detailed brief is available, on contacting Dr Richard Bowman in the NanoPhotonics Centre.

Chain Reaction 2014

Whether you enjoyed last year's Chain Reaction, or missed out and are keen to get involved for the the first time, there are opportunities for you to join in from now until the event on Saturday 22nd November.

For new readers joining here, the Chain Reaction is an annual, one-day event organised by the Cambridge Science Centre at which family groups, school groups, and corporate teams assemble, in advance and/or on the day, components of a huge Rube Goldberg/Heath Robinson machine which is set off as the Grand Finale of the event at the end of the afternoon. Some more information about the event (and a video from last year) is here: http://www.cambridgesciencecentre.org/whats-on/events/chain-reaction2014/

We're looking for people who'd like to be involved in the construction of a number of Spectacle elements of the Chain... for the start and finish of the chain, and at points like getting-over-a-fire-door or getting-onto-the-stage we will be building components that should hopefully look good, work reliably, and fit to the constraints of the space.

If you'd like to be involved in this, let us know. If you've got any great ideas, that's fantastic. Let us know what they are, and if we think they sound safe (and affordable) we'll talk about how to get them built.. If you're not feeling inspired yet and you'd like to take part, we'll be having a couple of build days at MakeSpace in central Cambridge, on 27th September, and a second in mid-late October, at which we'll be pooling ideas and building something cool and totally pointless. Meetup signup for the first of the build days is here. http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/207322352/ If you've got ideas to contribute but aren't free on the 27th, drop davidbebb@cambridgesciencecentre.org an e-mail!

We're also looking for people to help out on the day, by looking after the supervised-only tools in the workshop (electric drills, glue guns, etc) and/or by providing ad hoc help to individual school or family groups that look like they need a bit of extra support.

Finally, of course, you may also want to enter with a team of your own... Families http://www.cambridgesciencecentre.org/whats-on/events/chain-reaction2014/ Schools http://www.cambridgesciencecentre.org/schools/chain-reaction-2014-schools/ Companies http://www.cambridgesciencecentre.org/schools/chain-reaction-2014-companies/

And finally

As ever,

there’s lots of maker chat on our Google Group (read on the web or via email), https://groups.google.com/d/forum/cammakespace check out the pictures (and post your own) in our Flickr pool, https://www.flickr.com/groups/1546093@N24/pool/ we’re in #makespace on IRC there’s always more info on our wiki http://wiki.makespace.org/

26 July 2014

It's summer holiday time but that doesn't mean there isn't making happening!

This coming Thursday, July 31st, we have our July social - a great time to get together and plan projects and more. We'll definitely have cake this month - and perhaps other food! - and we'll also be celebrating Roger's birthday - Roger is one of our Founder Members and has done a huge amount to make sure we have a lovely, well equipped and sensibly set up workshop. So do join us on Thursday evening!

In August we are off to EMF! https://www.emfcamp.org/ Lots of Makespacers will be heading over to Electromagnetic Field. More info about our plans on our wiki and as ever there's discussion on our mailing list (if you aren't on our list, but want to find out about interesting projects, making questions, trips like this and other makespace info, do sign up!)

Here's the blurb: Electromagnetic Field is a UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers.

This summer we're gathering over a thousand people in a field for a weekend of talks and workshops. At previous events we've heard about everything from genetic modification to electronics, blacksmithing to high-energy physics, reverse engineering to lock picking, computer security to crocheting, and quadcopters to brewing. To help matters along, we're arranging a very fast internet connection, reliable WiFi, a bar stocked with good, reasonably-priced drinks, and much more.

Hope to see some of you there :)

Seeking making inspiration? Check out the wonderful "Enumerating Makespace" http://instagram.com/p/qkmjAKDi6b/ currently (or last seen) in Cakespace - thanks to Mark Cheverton for putting this together to showcase all the methods of making at Makespace!

First aid kits

A reminder that if you use a plaster or anything at all from any of the first aid kits, you should email management@makespace.org to let us know! If you had an accident in the space we need to know, and if you were patching yourself up from an accident elsewhere that’s fine but we must know so we can get more supplies in.

Bored by the holidays already? Makespace has aircon and lovely makers to hang out with! It's a great time to be making. There's also lots of ways you can help Makespace to thrive, from cleaning and tidying to buying snacks and supplies and blogging and sharing some of the awesome things folks are making, fixing and designing. If you aren't sure how you can help, do ask on list or ask around the space or email us at exec@makespace.org - you can help in all kinds of ways to make Makespace better and more fun.

4 June 2014

Are you a PCB maker?

Makespace hosts a regular PCB maker night meetup and it woudl be great to get some more members involved to help it keep running! If you are a PCB maker or would like to learn and get involved with the meetup, get in touch with Saar

Maker Camp this summer

We’ve been invited to take part in MakerCamp! if you’d like to help out, we’ll be discussing on our Google Group.

Members meeting - June 9th

Following up our meeting to discuss Makespace issues on May 19th, we’re meeting again! Notes from last meeting: http://wiki.makespace.org/Meetings/Members2014-05-19 New meeting: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/187280402/ Hope to see some of you there! The meeting will be chaired by some of our most active volunteers and all members are welcome.

Members night, June 26th

This month we’re thinking of inviting our friends at Cambridge Tech and Enterprise Club. We’d love to have a couple of short talks from makers who have made stuff at Makespace - is this you? if so let events@makespace.org know :) Trip to Electromagnetic Field

Some makespace folks are off to EMF at the end of August - it's a camping festival for folks who like making. More info: http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_Field_2014 and there's talk of car/van sharing and maybe a Makespace village if lots of folks are going.

Wondering where all the maker chatter is?

It’s in our Google Group! You can subscribe via email, or join in on the web via a forum. happy making,

11 May 2014

Read on for the status of the 3D printer, how you can help shape things at Makespace, news about Mill Lane and what happened in the first year of Makespace, and how we can avoid a Massive Fine!

News about our space in Mill Lane

We heard on the 28th that our lease at 16 Mill Lane has been extended to December 2015 - so we’ll be here to stay for a while :)

What we did in our first year

If you missed our birthday party, you’ll have missed the facts + photos about our first year - check them out here http://www.slideshare.net/lbj20/makespace-our-first-year

Makespace Member’s meeting

On Monday 19th May, 7-9pm, we’re going to have a meeting to talk about makespace, what’s working and what needs improvement. We’ve got quite a few things to discuss so it’s likely this will be the first of two meetings, with this one focussed on sharing information to get everyone on the same page, and a second meeting where we can make decisions (if necessary).The meeting will be chaired by some of our most active volunteers.

Let us know if you plan to attend (RSVP not essential but useful): http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/182473322/

Check out the draft agenda (and add items at the bottom if you’d like them to be considered for discussion - depending how much time we have!) (members only URL)

If you can’t make the 19th but would like to step up to be a more active makespace volunteer, please email exec@makespace.org - we’d love to hear from you! If you have a concern or idea you’d like to raise but would prefer to remain anonymous, email management@makespace.org (which just goes to the 3 directors) before the 19th and we will make sure your input is considered.

3D printer - Makerbot Replicator 2X

The Kapton bed today is rather scratched and gouged. This means that some workflows won’t get good results (eg if you aren’t using a raft). The 3D printer is a red-tag item, meaning you need to be inducted on it before you use it. Don’t imagine it must be straightforward because it’s just a 3D printer! The printer now isn’t so useful and may need repairs, which takes time and money :(

Very very last call for return of temporary access cards

Please drop your access card, if you took one during the foyer works, back in the office drop box envelope, or mail to us at Makespace, 16 Mill Lane, CB2 1RX if you can’t get to the space.

We will be fined £50 for every card we don’t return! Currently we are still around 8 short so that’s £400 which could be spent on making Makespace better going to pay a fine. Don't forget there's always the wiki if you aren't sure how stuff works - and there's a page full of key member info: http://wiki.makespace.org/Useful_makespace_info_for_Members

22 March 2014

Important info if you use the laser cutter! It’s vital you return your temporary access cards or we get a huge fine! Also, Birthday Party :)

Party time!

Bring something you’ve made for Show and Tell at our Birthday Party (7pm, Friday 28th). If you can’t make it to the party, you can still Show what you’ve made by dropping it off in the space with a label beforehand.

Tell your friends - we’re not quite fully booked yet :)

We’ll order in a bunch of drinks and some nibbles to arrive on Friday afternoon and if you can come early to help tidy up, clean the tables, get demos set up and so on that would be much appreciated :)

(Note this is on FRIDAY - it’s not like our usual monthly social night which is on Thursdays)

What have you been making?

We’d love to hear about what you’ve been making! Whether you have a story or a blog post or just a photo or a tweet, it would be great to know so we can share to encourage new makers.

Just email laura.james @ makespace.org or pop pictures on [Flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/1546093@N24/pool/]

Laser cutter users!

As some of you may have noticed, the cutter has become filthy over recent weeks and months. This is due to a combination of things:

1) fires/excessive smoke when cutting wood

2) Inadequate or non-existent cleaning after use

3) poor air circulation in the machine.

The last of these will take time to solve. The first two require your assistance. When cutting laser plywood (the only wood currently allowed), please do a test cut to establish the combination of speed and power that just cuts through, but gives of the least smoke and flame. This may be high speed, low power.

When you have finished your job, please leave the lid closed for at least 30s to let the smoke clear. Then you must clean the WHOLE bed using the disposable wipes that are next to the machine. One wipe should be enough to get it clean. Keep going until there is no pale brown residue coming off on the wipe. Those of you with sensitive skin will find a box of disposable gloves on top of the air filter unit.

I have just spent over half a day cleaning the laser cutter and never want to see it in that state again. Anyone seen to not be cleaning the machine after use will be given a warning. Repeat offences will see you banned from using the laser cutter.


Toby M

Laser cutter owner

Last call for return of temporary access cards

Please drop your access card, if you took one during the foyer works, back in the office drop box envelope, or mail to us at Makespace, 16 Mill Lane, CB2 1RX if you can’t get to the space.

We will be fined £50 for every card we don’t return!

10 March 2014

In today’s update: we want to know what you've been making, two kinds of party, important admin info, and a very important message about sawdust.

Access cards

Thanks for your patience whilst the temporary access was in place. Please return your temporary access card (if you took one) to the box in the foyer asap - if this is going to be difficult for you to do before March 17th please email laura.james @ makespace.org and/or mail your card to Makespace office, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RX.

Call for photographs

Do you have pictures of things you’ve made in Makespace, or events at Makespace? We’d love to have them on display at our Birthday Party! Email them to laura.james@makespace.org or add to our Flickr pool http://www.flickr.com/groups/1546093@N24/pool/

Working party

Thanks to everyone who helped tidy up and fit shelves and more on the 1st, and also to those who arranged the lovely new chairs!

There’s still more to do - more photos, more posters, more cleaning, more freecycling of old chairs, more signs - helping make Makespace nicer for everyone and better for making. Do help out, and check the kitchen whiteboard or ask in the space or on the Google Group if you aren’t sure what would be useful (and if you know what would be useful, write it on the kitchen whiteboard!).

Recurly glitch

A few subscriptions which went out in early March were taken without VAT due to a glitch at our payment provider. If this happened to you, you’ll get a second payment of just the VAT bit taken in the next few days.

Do you like woodwork or metalwork?

I was working in the heavy eng lab this afternoon (Sunday 2nd) - and I was dismayed at the state of it.

The saws' bench was covered in sawdust. The bandsaw was covered in sawdust. The compound mitre saw was covered in sawdust. The floor in front was covered in sawdust.

And that last point is not being picky. Dry sawdust makes for a very slippery surface, and you absolutely don't want to lose your footing, pushing stock into the bandsaw. You might end up feeding rather more than wood into the blade.

Let's not forget also that sawdust makes rather good tinder, and the compound mitre saw can throw sparks when cutting metal. This is not a great combo.

I did not appreciate having to sort out other people's mess before I could do any work of my own.

It does not take long to vacuum after you've finished working. It's everyone's responsibility to clean up after themselves when they're done - and it's a safety issue too.

Don’t forget our birthday party!

7pm, Friday 28th March - meet, eat, chat, show & tell

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/165340252/

This month's social event is our birthday party: hope to see you all there!

February 2014

Read on for important news about 24 Feb - 1 Mar Makespace use - and lots of exciting events!

Upcoming events

   Project speed dating: (25th Feb) http://meetu.ps/29ZTqK (start/join a project)
   Feb Social night: (27th Feb) http://meetu.ps/29ZTqW
   Marble machine making (4th March) http://meetu.ps/2bgT8v
   1 Year party! (28th March) http://meetu.ps/2b7wGR

Don’t forget that Thursdays are our regular maker night and a great chance to work on your projects with others at Makespace. Now is the perfect timing to get your projects finished for Show and Tell at our birthday party!

It’s our birthday!

Let’s celebrate a year of Makespace! We’ll have a birthday party from 7pm on Friday 28th March 2014. Members get first refusal on places - please RSVP but only if you are really going to attend as this will be a popular event.


Once you’ve all had a chance to RSVP we will open up invitations to the public and to special guests from our sponsors.

Important: notice about access to the space

From 24 February to 1 March (ish) asbestos removal works are taking place in the foyer just outside Makespace. Our front door will be out of action!

We will get special temporary access cards to enable you to get into Makespace through the fire exit door just past the toilets. These will be available to collect from the evening of Thursday 20th at Makespace; if you will need to get into Makespace between the 24th and 1st, please collect a card in advance. Note we will not have enough cards for everyone so don’t take one if you won’t need it!

If you are attending an event, you probably don’t need a card - please just knock on the door in the main space (the one which gives access to the bins). If you're running an event, please note you may need to inform non-members about unsual access arrangements and be listening out for knocks on the night.

We will need to return the cards so please keep hold of them and return them as soon as possible after the foyer is open again (we’ll have a box for them).

Many apologies for the inconvenience - we’ve only just had notification of these works from the landlord :(

Community messages -------------------------------
      • Why are you a Maker? Call for more participants!***

I'm looking for participants for a research project exploring why and how people become makers. Specifically, I'm interested in finding out how people acquire both the skills and enthusiasm to become lifelong makers, whether (and how) these skills and enthusiasm are passed on within families, and the extent to which making as a hobby is transposed into other domains of everyday life, such as repairing household items.

If you've been in MakeSpace recently you might have noticed my flyers on the noticeboards in the kitchen, classroom and outside the main makespace. I'm looking for people who are willing to have a 45-60 minute chat with me about their experiences of making. This could be arranged for a mutually convenient time and place. I'd particularly like to hear from some female makers, as all my participants so far have been male. (Although male makers, I would still like to hear from you...!)

If you'd like to participate, or if you'd like to find out more about the study, please contact me via xxxxx

Thank you!

Beck Collins

3d modelling communities

My name is Matthew, I am from the Horizon research department at the University of Nottingham. I am researching the motivations of designers, animators and users of online 3D modelling communities, and I currently have a questionnaire online to help me understand the different reasons for participating in 3D communities.


Additionally, If you are interested in the research or would like more information I am happy to discuss this with your team.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Matthew Terrell

Horizon Digital Economy DTC

University of Nottingham

January 2014

After the success of the Christmas party, we agreed we should have monthly social nights. The first is:

Thursday January 30th (that's this Thursday) from 7pm onwards

These events are relaxed and fun, and are a great chance to get to know other makers and chat to them about their projects.

If you haven't quite worked out what you will make in Makespace, or how you can help out and get involved with the community, these social nights are a brilliant starting point - whether you want inspiration from the gifts people made at Christmas, or are secretly just waiting to get roped into the robotic storage project!

It should be a mix of old (in membership terms) and new faces, so if you've become a member recently we strongly recommend it. You can drop in any time during the evening.

Hopefully we'll see you there!

December 2013

Hi everyone,

Read on for essential info about our laser cutter, news about Cambridge Geek Nights, how you can get new kit at Makespace, the Badger, and community messages about meetups for women in tech and research about why you are a maker.

Happy making in 2014,


Events - cambridge Geek Nights

Cambridge Geek Night last occurred at Makespace. We’ve got a great sponsor who pays for beers and wine, and it’s always a popular event. *But* we’d need to make it happen! If anyone would be up for fixing a date and booking a couple of speakers, *you* could be the new Geek Night organiser and win the gratitude of geeks across town. Get in touch with Laura laura.james @ makespace.org if you’re interested and she’ll put you in touch with sponsor & holder of the twitter account @CamGeekNight etc.

Want a 3D scanner? Want textiles kit? YOU can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

We have active threads on list about textiles and a 3D scanner. If you’d be willing to help select the right kit, help acquire it and get it set up with inductions and so on, then we can get these exciting new items! Just reply on the list to say you’re able to help out - and you can be part of making Makespace better.

Textiles (sewing, embroidery, hackable knitting machines) https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cammakespace/vcH2v3IYH8Y

3D scanning https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/cammakespace/scanner/cammakespace/rWY6MTEwiTU/yKRsn9WIge8J

Being a kit “owner” means arranging a purchase/delivery; working out a risk assessment (we have templates!); working out what induction is needed (if any), and helping train people if so. Ideally we have several owners for each item of kit so it’s not too big a commitment and you can work together. No previous experience with the kit is needed!

Laser cutter - PLEASE READ!

The lasercutter is obviously one of Makespace’s most popular pieces of equipment and the availability recently has not been as good as we would like. In a number of cases this has been because of mistreatment or carelessness by members causing damage to what is a delicate piece of equipment.

Realigning the mirrors correctly can take an hour and requires one of the owners to be available to make these adjustments.

As those who have been trained on the cutter ought to be aware:-

Dropping the lid suddenly or crashing the waste draw into the machine WILL knock the mirrors out of alignment.

Never leave the lid half up; it will fall down.

Failing to spot a flame quickly WILL result in damage to the lenses and mirrors, recently the focus alignment tab actually got melted by a fire.

We have had several reports of people not watching the cutter adequately while it is working and this should not be happening.

As with other Health and Safety issues in the Space, if you see something going on which is unsafe you should challenge it. In the case of the cutter if you see someone not watching their job go and press the pause button on the machine and remind them to watch it.

We also seem to have an issue where people seem to think that the machine is ‘self-cleaning’, it isn’t! MDF and Ply in particular will leave residue on the bed which is gets much harder to remove with time. It only take a few minutes to clean the bed at the end of your job.

First Aid

Although Makespace cannot provide trained first aiders at any time, Makespace encourages its members and participating partner groups to investigate how they can provide first aid cover for themselves and their guests.

A dedicated course for appointed persons is provided by www.emergencymedicaltraining.com/ for £35 per person. In addition to the requirements of an appointed person, it includes basic first aid training at a lower level than the formal Emergency First Aid at Work or First at Work courses.

There are many first aid trainers available and Makespace does not specify what level or type of training clients or partner groups should have. Examples of training providers for the one day Emergency First Aid at Work course and cost:

   http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/training-courses for £110 per person.
   http://www.first-aidtrainingservices.co.uk/ for £350 for 12 students.
   http://www.factstraining.co.uk/ for £395 for up to 12 students.

The “Badger”

We want to make it easier for members – particularly new members – to get to know who’s who in the space. To this end, we’ve instituted a project to allow you to use your tag to print a label for yourself whenever you enter the space. It’s not required, but it’s encouraged.

The project has now reached beta status. It has been installed at the end of the tables in the main space.

To print a label, just touch your tag to the reader. If your tag is seen for the first time, you will be asked to enter your details. If you want to edit your details, hold down the “edit” button whilst you touch your tag to the reader.

For the technically minded, the code is written in Python and runs under Ubuntu. It uses a USB-connected tag reader from ib technology, and a Dymo “LabelWriter 450” printer. It is installed on an Acer One netbook. Code quality is awful  –  I was focussing on learning the technologies involved so it has “grown organically”, to put it politely. Anyone who’d like to get involved in adding features or improving the code is encouraged to do so. The software is available at https://github.com/Makespace/Badger.

Community messages

      • Meet-up for women and digital tech ***

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm starting a monthly meet-up for women and digital technology. The group format and topics will be directed by the needs of it's members. We will have events, talks and/or workshops on a variety of topics depending on what the members want.

I am a visual artist interested in using digital technology and data visualisation. I have used visual programming languages such as Isadora and Pure Data and I would like to build on this. Other topics of interest include: Data visualisation, Processing, Internet of things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, DJ software, Visual effects software

If you are interested in getting involved, please email me at xxxxx

Thanks, Jess

      • Why are you a Maker? ***

I'm looking for participants for a research project exploring why and how people become makers. Specifically, I'm interested in finding out how people acquire both the skills and enthusiasm to become lifelong makers, whether (and how) these skills and enthusiasm are passed on within families, and the extent to which making as a hobby is transposed into other domains of everyday life, such as repairing household items.

If you've been in MakeSpace recently you might have noticed my flyers on the noticeboards in the kitchen, classroom and outside the main makespace. I'm looking for people who are willing to have a 45-60 minute chat with me about their experiences of making. This could be arranged for a mutually convenient time and place.

If you'd like to participate, or if you'd like to find out more about the study, please contact me via xxxxx

Thank you!


November 2013

Here’s the latest Makespace updates including:
  • new stuff
  • weekly maker nights
  • monthly member nights
  • how you can help
  • Christmas party & Christmas maker morning
  • purchasing things for Makespace
  • have you made something cool lately?
  • Community messages
-  Hack the Lab

New stuff

  • Makespace has a ceiling-mounted projector and a proper screen in the main space! Many thanks to Brian, Roger and others who made this happen.
  • the cafe space has nice sofas and comfy chairs
  • The Laser Cutter has a new tube so is much happier
  • Experimenting with ways to increase the number of inductions on popular kit - please bear with us, we know we need more inductions and are doing our best to balance the demand for induction, our available volunteers (everyone offering inductions and training and running makespace is an unpaid volunteer!), and to make sure everything is suitably safe.
  • We’re up to 170 members!

Weekly maker nights

Thursday nights from 7:30ish are now member maker nights - a chance to drop by the space and hang out or make things with others. By providing a specific time we hope it’s easier to bump into people and know there will be others around.

(On alternate Wednesdays (next up, 4th December) from around 7:30 will be admin night, when there will be a slightly higher chance of some of us being in the space to process invoices, improve our website/IT systems, and do other general admin.)

Monthly Members nights

Once a month it’s Members night - a chance to make stuff, eat pizza, chat, recruit people to help with your project or Makespace improvement activity, and help with each other’s projects. It’s a great way to get involved with Makespace stuff in general too.

The first of these will coincide with the Christmas party! (see below)

How you can help

The more people who do a little bit to help Makespace operate the better the space is for everyone! We are all volunteers and spreading the load really helps.

There will very shortly be a whiteboard in the space with a list of little tasks you could get started with! Also you’ll be able to add tasks you spot to it :)

For example, if you fancy building stuff, we need to shelve the kitchen alcove so we can put mugs and snacks somewhere. We need to fit the bar table in the cafe area to match the kitchen one.

If you are a coder, especially with Ruby skills, why not help improve our induction system? Contact Phil Cowan webstuff@makespace.org if you can help!

Christmas party & Christmas making morning

Let’s have a party! We can eat food, hang out, admire/help with each other’s projects. The party will happen from 7pm on Wednesday December 11th and all members and their guests are welcome.

Bring some drinks or nibbles! We’ll provide some drinks and hot and cold snacks too using the surplus from the Kitchen Honesty Box too.

And don’t miss Christmas making morning on Saturday December 7th http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/150917492/

Purchasing things for Makespace

Sorry to all those who had problems with purchases this autumn including delayed approvals and reimbursements. We’re back on top of things now and hope the replacement parts on the laser cutter and UP printer are working well.

If you want to purchase things, read about how to do this: http://wiki.makespace.org/How_to_buy_things_for_Makespace

If you have any worries about how things are working please tell us, on the Google Group, the Forum, or by emailing management@makespace.org

Have you made something cool lately?

We’d love to feature it on our blog! Examples of interesting projects, events, hackdays Makespace teams have won, and more, all welcome. Send your write up and photos if you have them - even if it’s just a couple of sentences - to publicity@makespace.org

If you’re planning a cool event or build, let us know so we can tweet and facebook it to spread the word in advance! Again just mail publicity@makespace.org

Community messages

Potential Hack the Lab event

The following message is from Jenny Molloy xxxxx - please contact Jenny if you’re interested!

I would like to organise an event entitled 'Hack the Lab', looking at how a maker attitude and open hardware could help experimental scientists (with a focus on life scientists) to work more cost effectively by building and fixing generic and custom lab equipment.

I envisage this as a two day event in Feb/Mar 2014 with around 50 attendees working on a small number (3-4) of pre-planned projects but free to introduce their own ideas.

The grand vision is to explore a decentralised system of manufacture for basic lab equipment, I'm a molecular biologist and regularly order lab equipment components which could be 3D printed (or otherwise manufactured) locally for a very low cost. This is just a small project to offer a couple of examples of what might be done in this direction and hopefully inspire some other researchers to think about the possibilities for their own work.

The format would be a weekend very much in the NHS Hackday style: problem pitches, doing stuff for as long a span of time as possible, demos/feed-back. Constant supply of coffee and biscuits. I will invite some people with funding/media/policy influence along for the demos and wrap-up.

I would hope to hold the event during March (thinking about it, probably the second half to give a decent span of preparation time), engage some key contributors before Christmas and start advertising at the very start of the New Year. I can get a website/wiki/sign-up system/marketing materials etc together over Christmas. I foresee the main logistics difficulty beyond having enough hosts that are appropriately trained to use the Makespace equipment will be ensuring that appropriate components and supplies are ordered in advance. This will require significant organisation and pre-posting of ideas above and beyond what usually happens for software based hack days.

October 2013


A quick update email! If you read no further please take a couple of minutes to tell us how Makespace is working for you.

Many thanks from Laura, Jonny & Simon.

Talk to us! Talk to each other!

The Google Group for chat about Makespace and Making: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cammakespace (remember you can use the group online like a forum if you don't fancy getting emails)

IRC: #makespace on Freenode, also available via the web http://makespace.org/chat/ If you aren't familiar with IRC, there's help about IRC.

We'd love to see more of you in IRC :) It's a great way to keep in touch without email.

Use the space

We'd love to see more regular (and irregular!) events - it's easy to organise something at Makespace, just book the time on http://www.meetup.com/makespace ! Check the wiki for more info.


We are up to 158 paying members! We have just opened up a special student deal where membership is limited to term times (same monthly rate as everyone else). Welcome new folks! 150 looked like an important milestone but it's flown past without us noticing properly.

Making Makespace better

We will be doing various reviews in the next 2 months to see how financially sustainable we are, and also looking at reviewing our processes such as induction, purchasing etc, now that we've been open 6 months and have a better idea of how things work in practice. If you'd like to get more involved do get in touch with management@makespace.org or give us feedback via email or preferably in the short feedback survey.


We've had some real issues lately with mess - sawdust piled around, tools not put away, important bits and bobs left under benches etc. Please ensure you leave the space as you would wish to find it! This weekend several people are going to go in to do a deep clean and tidy to get things in a better state - do help if you can. We don't want to have to take drastic enforcement or surveillance action; but Makespace is run entirely by volunteers and there are no magic cleaning fairies. If you don't clean up, no one else will. And if you leave the space messy, people will leave and we'll have to close. Don't ruin a good thing for everyone.

Laser Cutter inductions

A message from Tony Toby@moncaster.com

Over the next two weeks I am hoping to run 2 laser cutter induction sessions (provisionally on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 30th). I am aware that there are a lot of existing members that have not yet had a chance to do the training and that often training slots end up going to new members (who are probably more active about checking Meetup).

To try and make the system fairer I am intending to try an experiment. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please reply to this thread [on the google group, or mail Toby directly]. Please include how long you have been a member for and which slot(s) you can manage. I will then offer three of the four slots to people on this list, and the fourth I will offer to the whole group via Meetup. If the offered slots are still available 24 hours in advance then I will open them to the waiting list on Meetup.

Tell us what you think!

A short survey so we can understand what Makespace is doing right and what we can improve:


August 2013


Many thanks for your support of Makespace by being a member. Here's a summary of recent activity and changes in the space, and what's coming up:

We have a great deal more equipment: http://wiki.makespace.org/Equipment If you're a fan of (or keen to get started with) any of the kit why not volunteer to be a community owner? Owners of specific bits of equipment make sure it's in order, that consumables are available, and support and induct other members in using it. It doesn't have to take a lot of time, especially as we get larger teams of owners, and it helps Makespace be better for all of us.

We've also changed the layout of the space, to make some kit more accessible in the main space (laser cutter, CNC Mill, vacuum former) and to add more equipment in the workshop. The separate 'classroom' is still available for events, and we've furnished the second upstairs room with sofas. The stock of snacks and drinks is better than ever, too, and the aircon is fully operational :) There are still a few bits of work to do, such as adding a window bench in the cafe and shelves in the kitchen, and setting up some new second hand equipment such as small mills; talk to others in the space or on our Google Group[1] to get involved.

Our events programme has been quieter with the summer holidays, but even so we've had some great things happening, including

  • Dorkbot Anglia 12, featuring Richard Hoadley a composer who works with algorithms, Colin Dewar who has created an automatic random art generator from an old Super 8 projector, and Tom Scott is a Multimedia artist incorporating Raspberry Pi and more.
  • Project speed-dating, a chance to meet others and explore ideas for working together
  • A new Arduino And Cake series
  • A special Maker Night featuring Sugru to make and fix things, to produce new Instructables for people to reuse around the world
  • Other talks, and many other regular meetups, including Cambridge Mac Developers, GameSpace, K1 Cohousing, Cambridge Clojure, OpenDCU.org & Pi-makers, and Arty Crafty Maker Night.

We'd love to see more regular (and irregular!) events - it's easy to organise something at Makespace, just book the time on http://www.meetup.com/makespace !

As ever, please spread the word of Makespace to others (we have posters, stickers and cards on the table by the entrance door), and do come along and use Makespace. If you have any feedback about Makespace, good or bad, please post on the Google Group[1] if you are happy to share, or email management@makespace.org if you'd prefer to keep it confidential to the Directors, Jonny, Simon and me.

We're hoping to kick off the autumn season once people are back from holidays with some public events including Maker Nights and more. There are also ideas for some big community projects underway. Get involved! Find out more at the space, in the Google Group, or try our IRC channel [2] to chat with other Cambridge area makers.

Best regards,


[1] Google Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cammakespace [2] IRC: #makespace on Freenode, also available via the web http://makespace.org/chat/ If you aren't familiar with IRC, there's help about IRC