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A newsletter is e-mailed to Makespace members about once a quarter. You can have a look at past newsletters here. (Note that some sensitive info and email addresses may have been removed in these versions.) If you have items for upcoming newsletters, email admin (at) makespace (dot) org.

7 April 2017

  • Report from the Science Festival
  • Run an event at the Festival of Ideas
  • Free SolidWorks demo
  • Classroom update
  • Lease update
  • Darkroom plans
  • Safety, fires and lasercutters
  • Science Makers and other happenings

1 March 2017

  • Open day on 16 March

2 December 2016

  • Christmas party
  • Trove survey
  • Network improvements
  • Theft prevention
  • Fire safety and Health & Safety
  • Date for your diary

18 October 2016

  • Forthcoming events: Cambridge TV filming, 20 Oct; clean-up, 23 Oct; Open Day 29 Oct
  • Makespace in the media: Raspberry Pi magazine, Smartbell on TV
  • Storage and fire risk
  • Important reminder: answering the door

16 September 2016

  • Forthcoming events: Clean-up day, 23 Oct; Open Day 29 Oct
  • Equipment: Seeking more electronics owners, CNC trainers; wood lathe open for business
  • Bits & bobs: adjustable table, honesty boxes, community bank account, WEEE disposal

23 August 2016

  • Recent events: Makespace on Radio Cambridge 105
  • Forthcoming events: Game Jam; Continuing education; help for startups / SMEs; Quacky Races
  • Equipment: Training available for wood lathe and knitting machine; jewellery books
  • Odds and ends: Financial hardship; First Aid; Organising events

Minutes of members' meeting 21 July 2016

  • Finances
  • New 'exec'
  • Wood lathe
  • Knitting machine
  • Dark room
  • Community account
  • Other business

14 July 2016

  • Members' meeting, 21 July
  • Forthcoming events: First aid training, summer courses for kids, SME management training
  • Recent events: Megaprocessor talk, art meets science at Dorkbot
  • Waste wood etc: Please don't leave it by the (now clear) back door. Use the bins.
  • Internet connectivity: Recent improvements

6 June 2016

  • Members' Meeting: Thu 7 July
  • New director: welcome Ward Hills who is joining the Makespace board
  • Forthcoming events: Building a microprocessor from scratch; Building a Business, 16 Jun; IoT accelerator programme
  • Contacting Makespace while Mark is away
  • Reminders: No alcohol; storage boxes
  • Data Protection

12 May 2016

  • Community list: are you on the Makespace Google group?
  • Glass owner wanted: can you help look after the glass kiln?
  • Forthcoming events: Tiered membership meeting, Entrepreneurs Exchange, Onshape training, Artistic Impressions
  • Equipment inductions: Form 1, screenprinting, and more
  • Disabled access: access cards available
  • Using the classroom: holding events at Makespace
  • Farewell to Laura: founding director standing down

18 April 2016

  • Recent events: Science Makers go bats
  • Forthcoming events: Social Venture Weekend 13-15 May; Ignite training 10-15 July; social night
  • Equipment: New Ultimaker in use; Form One 3D printer training soon
  • Volunteer sought: community account
  • Training: orange kit
  • Notices: Do we have your e-mail address? Do you have our batteries?

Older news

Older newsletters may be found here. A few ancient newsletters, originally sent via Meetup, are here.