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Makespace Homepage / Wiki

What is in Makespace?

How does Makespace work?

The space is great for individuals wanting to experiment, startups or companies wanting access to prototyping equipment, companies in the business who can come and do training and provide services beyond Makespace, and groups that want space to meet. Anyone who could benefit from a shared space focused on making things.

At its core is a membership-based structure; the price of membership is £40/month inc vat for full membership for 24/7 RFID access.

It is a community run space; see:

Getting involved

If you'd like to express interest in Makespace, keep up to date with how things are going, or find out about upcoming real-world meetings, please join our Meetup group.

This is our main community list and you can see archive update posts on meetup, or here.

We also have a mailing list at You can email the list at Posts from new users may be held for moderation.

We are also present on IRC. Join #makespace on Freenode. You can also access this via your browser at

And it doesn't just have to be electronic; here are some extra resources to help you spread the word in the real world:

Please post them in offices, clubs, related shops, and anywhere you think will catch the eye of an interested person! (we'll make up to date ones soon!)

If you'd like to contribute to plans on the wiki, go for it. The Currently active and interesting page will show you where the action is at the moment.

Help make sure everyone who should know about Makespace knows about Makespace!

Various ways of how the Makespace community interacts are listed here: Communications

Consider becoming an Owner or Trainer. A list of equipment owners can be found here OwnersPage

Building Makespace Projects

The founder members are now working on how the space should be used and the projects to make it happen:

Personal and Other Projects

We are also working on outreach activities as follows:

Social Meetings

There are always socials - and meetups and other things! The canonical means of arranging these is via Meetup: Check out how to run an event in Makespace.

Formal Meetings

There are write-ups of planning and member meetings at Meetings.

Sponsorship and Donations!

Makespace is made possible by membership fees and sponsorship, and also support from Ideaspace. We gratefully receive any donations, however small, that can help with developing, running and improving Makespace for everyone.

Also, we accept donations-in-kind. Head over to DonationsWelcome, where we're tracking the things we need and the things people have that we might need, and read our Donations Policy about how to donate things.



Here we keep our links and Refs for inspiration, suppliers, other hacker/makerspaces and the daily what. Do not hesitate to chip in.( u and p both = makespace]

Some information about other groups around the world that may be of interest can be found on the Links page.

Some projects may need external Service Suppliers for things we can't do in-house.