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As part of the terms of use all members will need to sign up to, we'll have a code of conduct, or list of Rules, or something (what shall we call it?). This wiki page is your chance to help draft them (and name the document!).

We want to make sure that equipment is fairly shared; that people pay for consumables that need payment; that everyone behaves nicely to each other; and so on. We want to capture what the rules/guidelines might be, and the areas they might apply to. We will have two main classes of member: Access Member, who get to use the space, and Workshop Member, who also get access to the workshop which contains the bulk of the workshop kit. (We may also have other arrangements for business users but we're not working on their agreements yet)

Add your thoughts below... this will be used to help draft the final rules in conjunction with our solicitors.


London Hackspace rules Tog FAQ

The Rules

Playing music that you didn't create, including playing radio or TV, is not permitted (but if you'd like to do this, get in touch so we can raise funds for a licence) Ask the other users of the space for permission before playing loud music (ie, without headphones).

When you aren't using a desk or workbench, please clear away your things so that others can use it when you aren't there. Don't try to "bag" space by occupying it with equipment if you aren't using it.

If you consume tea/coffee/other food and drink, please contribute the required cash into the kitty OR use some micropayments system we have set up.

If a certain piece of equipment is really in demand, can there be some kind of booking system that people honour, so its use is distributed fairly?


I propose we intially adopt the entirety of the LHS rules unmodified. Until we have actually operated the space we have no real practical basis on which to base rules. If we create rules which turn out to be not practicable or actually unnecessary, does that not devalue our authority to set rules?

Danros 15:23, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

Wouldn't that require some plastic boxes and a dishwasher ;) --Heng 16:10, 15 March 2012 (UTC)