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* [[Meetings/CCVS| CCVS]]
* [[Meetings/CCVS| CCVS]]
* [[Meetings/Business Link | Business Link]]
* [[Structure | Company Structure]]
* [[Meetings/Structure | Tim, Jonny, Stew about Company]]
Also see [[AdviceOnBanking]]
== Law/Trademark ==
== Law/Trademark ==

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Members meetings

Owners Club meetings

Other group meetings

Older Meetings (pre-2012 in general)

Founder meetings

Pre-Makespace Meetings

Company/Structure Meetings


Space Meetings

General Advisory Meetings

In 2010, Makespace had meetings with the following organisations:

  • IfM
  • IfM Communications Officer
  • Fab Lab
  • ideaSpace
  • and others

The records of those meetings were deleted because of GDPR. (You need admin access to see them.)