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This meeting: Sunday 17th Mar 2013 @ 10:00am
Next meeting: ?


Steve Upton
Brian Corteil
Chris Voth
Meg Westbury
Beck Collins
Ian Colvin


For the benefit of the new attendees we reviewed output from previous meetings.

We then brainstormed on ideas on what we wanted from family makers, these included:

  • Educational content
  • Easy projects to start with, building to larger ones
  • Inclusion in competitive events e.g. Chain reaction
  • Overall ethos of sharing and reward of cool and creative ideas
  • Formal show and tell or discussion component in each session

Finally we came up with a list of the items that we need prior to the first session and decided on a date for the first session.

Items needed to start

  • Overall risk assessment for the group in the space
  • Review and enhance risk assessments for specific equipment if required
  • Check the Maker Club Playbook for a list of specific safety concerns
  • Prepare for projects - equipment, safety equipment, etc.

Initial Projects

  • Paper aeroplanes
  • Drop an egg from a metre without breaking it
  • Transport an egg 3 metres without breaking it
  • Face masks
  • Name badges
  • Use of laser cutter
  • Woodworking
  • Trebuchet
  • Use of 3D printer
  • Basic soldering

Start Date 14th April 2013

Tasks to do before start date

  • Pull together binders for kids
  • Get a notebook to keep the register in
  • Need 3 coordinators per day
  • Set up a blog to capture (and tell stories) about our activities
  • Designate someone to take pictures on each day
  • Designate someone to bring snacks/drink each day