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For founders who couldn't make it: you didn't miss a whole lot in terms of new news or champagne corks popping. The meeting mostly consisted of the directors going back over the presentation from last time, but with more focus on the future of the space and what the next few meetings will be, and then a sounding out exercise to get founders' opinions on some issues that will need attention in the future.

Outcome of previous meeting:

  • meta-position on rules: from talking to Jim (long time london hackspace member) and Simon, it sounds like we run the risk of writing too many rules for things that aren't issues yet. The intended general ethos sounds like "permissive, subject to approval from the community side, but without setting a precedent for the future". If you want to store a large project in the space for now, or have a beer, then see if the other people who have a stake in the space will object. If the consensus is "that's fine", then it's probably OK for now but as the space develops we make no guarantee that it will stay that way.
  • putting thirty people in a room and asking "what should we do about this" results in unfocused discussion, hence the need for threads on the google group/mailing list and a proper agenda for future real-space meetings.


Agenda items for next meeting- these can be thrashed out online, to keep tangents away from the important core items that need consultation/discussion in the real space meetings.

  • storage, especially policy on large items or projects. What do we allow in the space, and what are the criteria for continued permission to leave things there?
  • alcohol policy
  • presentation of the space- where do we draw the line on "too much mess"?
  • volunteer expertise- if you can build furniture and need some willing pairs of hands to help build workbenches for the space, great. At some point in the future we will probably want competent 3d printer users, laser-ers, welders and machinists to teach other members so if you have a skill that's worth sharing, we need a list on the wiki to collate these.

Laura has written up the meeting in more detail on the blog.

Also raised was the desire for a list of the various communication media we use to keep in touch: Communications.