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For founders who couldn't make it: you didn't miss a whole lot in terms of new news or champagne corks popping. The meeting mostly consisted of the directors going back over the presentation from last time, but with more focus on the future of the space and what the next few meetings will be, and then a sounding out exercise to get founders' opinions on some issues that will need attention in the future.

Laura has written up the meeting in more detail on the blog (, with the opinions that were expressed during the meeting and some things that will need more in-depth discussion before solid decisions are made. These include:

  • Storage: what storage do we need? Secure? size?
  • Rules: what rules should we have or not have?
  • Community: how does this form into a committee/group which can make decisions? Is it a Society?
  • Priorities: what’s important first? chairs, internet, kit??
  • Spatial design: how should we lay out the space we have?
  • Features: what features should the space have? Presentation podiums, storage robots, ??
  • Where are we on the shiny / less shiny spectrum? (this affects how potential sponsors might view the space, as well as people’s attitudes to the space, whether they feel involved/responsible and so on)
  • Donations: what do we take? What do we not take?
  • Kit: what are the priorities?

These should become Wiki pages and/or have dedicated threads on the google group for active discussion.

How to keep in touch

Also raised was the desire for a list of the various communication media we use to keep in touch: Communications.