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This is a work-in-progress to standardise the information on equipment pages, as of January 2020.

To create a new page for equipment, follow the steps below. To learn more about working with our wiki, see Media Wiki Help.

  • edit the equipment page, choose the relevant section of equipment for your new piece, and add a link to your equipment in this format: [[link|name]] (note the pipe or vertical bar separator), for example [[Equipment/BandSaw|Band Saw]] for the bandsaw
  • save the Equipment page and hover on the link you just created; if the page does not exit, the tooltip will read "page does not exist", and clicking on it will take you to the interface to create the page; the page title is already filled with the display text of the link
  • edit this page, select everything south of this message, and paste into your new page, then edit as appropriate.

Add this line at the top of the mage to mark equipment as red, orange, or green, respectively: {{RedTool}}, {{OrangeTool}}, {{GreenTool}}.

Requirements for use


Does this equipment need training? How do people get it?


Words and Icons would be best in this section.

Before use

  • What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should users have?
  • What safety checklist to verify before using?
  • Other activities in the area
  • Ventilation
  • What materials to cut, to not cut?

During use

  • What to watch for?
  • When to stop?

After use

  • How to shut down?
  • Where to store tools?
  • How to clean up?
  • How to report:
    • problems:
    • repair and maintenance needs:
    • suggestions for improvement:

Contact information


For the wiki, which is public, add only first name and initial of last name to comply with GDPR


For the wiki, which is public, add only first name and initial of last name to comply with GDPR.

In an emergency

Emergency numbers and contact: how do users contact you? Did you write your contact information near the equipment, or would they contact on the general google group?

Mailing list or Google Group

Do you have a specific mailing list or Google Group for this equipment? One example is Glass Kiln training. If not, leave blank.


Training syllabus

If training for the equipment is substantial, please consider moving it to a separate page, and link to it from this page.

Information covered

Example quiz questions

Design files for example piece

Signage to be posted at the equipment

Manufacturer's Manuals

External resources

Instructional video(s)


Comments from members

Observations and contributions from the members. (Much of the existing information currently on the wiki.) Do we want this section? If so, what kind of contributions come here instead of the problem report contact above?