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As of June 2018 payment at Makespace is all using the iZettle online payment system. There are payment terminals in the main space and Cakespace (the kitchen) which can be used to pay for all materials as well as for drinks and snacks.

There are various kinds of consumables in Makespace which need to be paid for. This includes snacks and some drinks in the kitchen, lasercutters, 3D printer, CNC router, vinyl cutter, metalwork area ( lathe and mill), and vacuum former.

Rules regarding what must be paid for and how much will be made clear when you are inducted in the relevant equipment, and will probably also be displayed near the equipment or on its wiki page (see links above). If you are not sure, contact the owners or ask on the mailing list. Do not use consumables without paying.

Note that you must pay for wasted material, not just your finished product. This is particularly relevant for the 3D printer. It is annoying to set up a print which goes wrong through no fault of your own, but you still need to pay for the filament used.

In the case of the CNC router, although there is no communal stock, please remember that you still need to conribute some money for using the communal cutters.


Money paid into the online account belongs to the Makespace community. It is up to the community and equipment owners to review whether the system is working and covering its costs, decide what to buy and when, etc. Consumables are not paid for by Makespace Ltd, but if there is a need for a new supply - e.g. a stock of consumables for a new piece of equipment - Makespace will usually 'seed' this with a one-off purchase or injection.

Owners and others who pay for stock are an essential part of helping Makespace to run and should not end up out of pocket as a result. To help the system run:

  • always pay what you owe for your usage
  • check with owners before purchasing stock
  • if you nevertheless find you are out of pocket, contact the owners and the management to sort the problem out.