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This is the Owners page it is a list of all equipment and its current owners

What an Owner is

  • responsible for appropriate induction/training, and for inducting trainers

What an Owner is NOT

  • the only one who has a clue

List of Owners

equipment owner
BandSaw Mat Cook
BandSaw Anne Harrison
BandSaw Andrew Lipson
BandSaw Toby Moncaster
BandSaw Robert Copcutt
CNC Router Stephen Woolhead
CNC Router Chris Abri
CNC Router Mark Mellors
CNC Router Dave Ansell
CNC Router David Bebb
CNC Router Simon Stirley
Drill Presses none yet - you?
Grinder Robert Copcutt
Lathe Roger Smith
Lathe Robert Copcutt
Mitre/Chop Saw Robert Copcutt
Sherline lathe Robert Copcutt
Sherline mill Adrian Carr
Sherline mill Toby Moncaster
Sherline mill Robert Copcutt
Woodworking Lathe Kim Spence-Jones
Woodworking Lathe Toby Moncaster
Woodworking Lathe Steve Kelly
Woodworking Lathe Mat Greenwood (Mat the Carpenter)
3D Printer Simon Stirley
3D Printer Nick Johnson
3D Printer Kim Spence-Jones
3D Printer Chris Voth
CNC Model Mill Stephen Woolhead
CNC Model Mill Brian Corteil
CNC Model Mill Uwe Borowski
CNC Model Mill Paul Osborn
Fine Metalwork Bench Peter Sewell
Flexible Shaft Drill Peter Sewell
Electronics Workbenches You?
Glassworking Tom Oinn
Glassworking Renee Chow
Glassworking STJ
Laser Cutter Simon Ford
Laser Cutter David Barham
Laser Cutter Nick Johnson
Laser Cutter Toby Moncaster
PCB Mill Alexis Mather
PCB Mill Tom Oinn
PCB Mill Robert Copcutt
PCB Mill Mat Cook (tentative)
Vacuum Former Stephen Woolhead
Vinyl Cutter STJ
Vinyl Cutter Paul Osborn

If you're interested in becoming an "Owner" of and looking after a piece of kit, or in training others on it, get in touch with the current owners!