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[http://Www.Reddit.com/r/howto/search?q=Escort+Passport Escort Passport] Max Provides Maximum Protection<br><br>The Passport Max is the first and only radar detector on the market today that provides High Definition Radar Performance. It offers high  [http://www.radardetectorspeeder.com gps radar] quality radar performance not found in other devices. It covers all the laser and radar bands that allow users to drive around without worries.<br><br>Escort utilizes Digital Signal Processing, an advanced military technology that scans for real threats in real time. It makes the Passport Max more accurate than other detectors on the market. The faster response time provides advanced warning against radar detection. <br><br>The Passport Max also analyses the signal in order to determine whether the signal is a real threat or a false one. It silences the noise that can be experienced while on the road and will only indicate the real dangers to the driver. <br><br>It has a multicolor display with easy to read icons that display the type of threat. The user can customize the backlit color to make it more suitable with the color of the vehicle’s gauges. Displays that utilize the speed limit data are connected to the company’s live service. <br><br>Passport Max can be modified according to the driver’s personal preferences. It allows the user to change various settings that include which radar bands to monitor and the meter to display when the signal is detected. <br><br>Escort’s Auto Learn technology utilizes GPS and the frequency of the signal to learn and reject door openers and other false alarms. This makes the Passport Max in the running for the best radar detector for the money. The technology is a permanent solution to false alarms and provides precise long-range protection. <br><br>Just like other Escort products, the Max has the Defender Database that provides the locations of red light and speed cameras in the United States and Canada. Other radar detectors that have the database in their system are Escort 9500ci, Escort Redline, and the Passport 9500ix.<br><br>The Escort website provides updates every week to keep its customers up-to-date with the changes in the US and Canada. All the driver has to do is to download the Detector Tools software, connect the Passport Max to the computer, and then download the latest speed trap locations. The program also allows the user to update the firmware of the radar and back up data. <br><br>Escort gives drivers the option to get the Laser ShifterPro, which provides the best laser protection. But even without the option, the Passport Max provides high quality laser warning via its laser sensors. <br><br>Escort Passport Max can be considered as the best radar detector for the money in its category. It is perfect for drivers with who want to take their driving to the max. The kit comes with a radar detector unit, travel case, windshield mount, smart cord, and a guide.
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