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What can and can't we store in our storage boxes?

  • No smouldering materials
  • No hazardous materials (COSHH) - every material has a MSDS sheet saying how it should be handled and stored. if obviously hazardous, need to get sheet and read it and follow any storage procedure required in the MSDS sheet. The MSDS sheet must be printed and put in the Materials place in the Store Room. See Hazardous Materials policy.
  • Things should be labelled and appropriately packaged
  • no food not securely packed
  • no explosives
  • no radioactive, chemicals, bio hazards, fuming or odorous, illegal
  • no noise emitting things (eg. no beeps every hour)
  • “no active things” but ok for silent digital watch
  • nothing that affects people working around it or things in adjacent
  • no hot / light / emissions
  • lids should be secured
  • items such as knives - the box must be marked and blades sensibly packed
  • boxes must be marked if super heavy
  • Nothing obviously dangerous or illegal :)
  • LI ion batteries - commercial off the shelf batteries in their own covering OK. Homemade ones, need review.
  • If you stop being a Member, anything stored may be disposed of. Makespace is not a dump for stuff you don't want!
  • unusually large or unwieldy items should be discussed before you store them - this means anything that doesn't fit into a standard storage box.


We might need to organise Random inspections!

Detailed regulations from commercial storage company at

We may wish to provide a fire proof areas for battery charging

We should prepare some visible summary rules - with a detailed page(s) linked off (ie broad rules with lots of examples)

Historically we have ordered clear 35 litre boxes from (Warning; clicking on this link will put Big Dug adverts on almost every webpage you visit unless you have an ad-blocker).