Petty Cash

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Petty Cash is EXPERIMENTAL. No promises. This system is in BETA.

  • No receipt, no reimbursement!
  • Check with an exec first. It might be more appropriate to go through the approval system if it's over £20
    • We won't reimburse you if you buy a load of crap we don't need!
  • Put it in the space immediately.
    • Then other people don't buy the same thing.
  • Buy from the Approved List only!
    • Don't expect petty cash to reimburse you for that welding station you've always wanted.
  • Get stuff at a good price!

Approved List

  • Cleaning supplies (NOT for the laser cutter - we buy wipes in bulk)
  • Stationery, tape, etc.
  • Pens, pencils - buy GOOD QUALITY office supplies in bulk at a good price!
  • Solder

Definitely not:

  • Equipment
  • Kitchen/food supplies
  • Laser supplies
  • Paper and ink - do these through the existing system