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Here we will add our projects

Project name Status People Tell me more about it
Roll and jump music generator Planned Dadabit This is a wearable with gyro and accelerometer. I will connect to ableton and/or maxmsp. So in initial phase. Also if there is anyone who did mapping, desperately in need to learn.
Mechanical computing Working but unreliable JimM Turing machines and other computers built without any electric components using ball bearings as memory.
FleetFoot Planned Brice clojurescript + processing.js + webgl = Awesome!
Magicsphere Development Brice Secret Volumetric POV project
Lispator Concept Brice Complete Lisp machine implemented in FPGA.
MetaWatch automation Concept / Improvements Rich M Expanding the MetaWatch software for more "Internet of Things" integration - watch notifications when the doorbell rings, Turn lights on from your wrist, that sort of thing!
shapeshifting fabric design/development Dadabit well I got some sma wire, currently able to drive it, Now trying to make the machanical to actually end up in some coordinated movements. I need 3D modeling may be. Ping me if yo can help me with 3d modeling with the movement. I will thank you forever. (how long is forever can be negotiated)
Solr Logr Development/Refinement Chris Elsmore Data logger, display and controller for my off-grid solar installation, and investigation into other alternative energy sources like building wind turbines.
ASR33 (Teletype) restoration Waiting JCGS I have an old ASR33 that I plan to restore sometime. Some mechanical work is needed, including fabricating missing parts; also tracing and testing the circuitry, and interfacing it to a modern computer.
Vehicle motor controller Thinking about it JCGS Once I've finished stretching my Land Rover to three axles, I'll start working on making the third axle electrically driven, with regenerative braking. I plan to make the controller myself, with big IGBTs and probably an mbed to control them.
Makespace OpenGL Visualisation Planned Wojciech A quick 3D mock up of procedurally generated Makespace.

Communal projects

Workbenches- we need a horizontal surface to make things on, and people are keen to start making the makespace by building benches. See some suggestions for DIY workbench designs.

Automated storage/retrieval- a long-term crazy idea to build some sort of storage robot in the half-height storage area under the kitchen which will retrieve a member's storage box when they swipe their RFID tag. If you have a fleshed-out idea for how it ought to work, write up your proposal and link it from this page.