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Things to read for new Members:

  • The Membership Agreement. This is the thing you sign and is unlikely to change.
  • The Rules and Guidelines. You are bound by these when you sign the Membership Agreement, but they are likely to change as Makespace grows and evolves.
  • The Health and Safety Briefing. To ensure we can all use the space and do stuff without worrying!

There are also some specific things to look at depending on what you are doing. These tend to be linked from the above docs:

  • If you are thinking of donating something to makespace, check the Donations Policy. (Please only things that might be useful, junk electronics such as your old router/modems can go in the wee recycling bin.(under the electronics bench))
  • If you are wondering what the community atmosphere at Makespace should be like, there are the Community Values .


Discuss making and Makespace on our mailing list which is a Google Group. To join without a google account, you can email

Tweet @cammakespace