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This is a "see the space" guide for members to give to potential Makespace members.
This is a See The Space guide for members to give to potential Makespace members.

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This is a See The Space guide for members to give to potential Makespace members.


  • Set up with space donated by the University, funding from the government via Ideaspace, and created by the three dedicated idea people: Jonny, Simon and Laura.
  • It's a community - mutual help
  • Costs £40 per month.
    • This pays only for the space (and 24/7 access with a keyfob) and the equipment.
    • Training courses are run by volunteers, materials you use (eg acrylic) you pay for (or bring your own).
  • Concept of the owners for equipment
  • Part of the community spirit of the place

Ask their interests - what they want out of the space

Any questions before doing the tour?


  • Storage boxes for people (buy or supply your own box)
  • Classroom
  • Trove
  • Main space
    • Health and safety overview (it's not an induction - just be clear what we expect)
    • Honesty boxes
    • Community - tidying, helping each other, training
    • Go through all major equipment
    • Say what we're actively working to improve (but please don't make promises we can't definitely keep)
    • Explain green/yellow/red kit, that they need to get inductions on red kit
    • Enthuse about anything you love
    • If you don't know much about something explain as such, and offer to put them in touch with the owner
  • Secure workshop
    • Make sure it's safe to enter! (Ask anyone working in there to pause for a few minutes)
  • Thank our sponsors outside the kitchen, congratulate yourself if you're on it
  • Kitchen (please keep it tidy, honesty box)
  • Chillout area
  • Loos (give them the keyfob if anyone needs to go)

Reconvene in the main space, ask if any more questions.

The can sign up at makespace.org/membership

  • They get a fob and a workspace induction, and then they can use the space whenever they wish.
  • Inductions on kit - please do ask for induction courses to be run!
  • Also: meetup.com, wiki, googlegroups, forum.

Tell them they're welcome to hang around after the tour and ask questions?