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This is a See The Space guide for members to give to potential Makespace members.


  • Set up with space donated by the University, funding from the government via Ideaspace, and created by the three dedicated idea people: Jonny, Simon and Laura.
  • It's a community - mutual help
  • Costs £40 per month (3 month minimum, 1 month's notice after that I think?)
    • This pays only for the space (and 24/7 access with a keyfob) and the equipment.
    • Training courses are run by volunteers, materials you use (eg acrylic) you pay for (or bring your own).
    • Materials are extra - we don't make money on the honesty boxes
    • There is no usage or hourly charge for anything
  • Concept of the owners for equipment - run by volunteers as part of the community spirit
  • Part of the community spirit of the place
  • We don't book equipment - just come along. BUT - if something is heavily used we buy two (eg Laser cutter)

Ask their interests - what they want out of the space.

Encourage questions from the start.


  • Storage boxes for people (Makespace supplies a box and a space for everyone)
  • Classroom (events! gatherings! gaming nights! hackathons! electronics! presentations!)
  • Trove (partly free stuff, partly member's storage)
  • Main space
    • Health and safety overview (it's not an induction - just be clear what we expect, tell them no touching before they're inducted)
    • Honesty boxes to cover materials costs
    • Community - tidying, helping each other, training
    • Go through all major equipment
    • Say what we're actively working to improve (but please don't make promises we can't definitely keep)
    • Explain green/yellow/red kit, that they need to get inductions on red kit
    • Enthuse about anything you love
    • If you don't know much about something explain as such, and offer to put them in touch with the owner
  • Secure workshop
    • Make sure it's safe to enter! (Ask anyone working in there to pause for a few minutes)
  • Thank our sponsors outside the kitchen, congratulate yourself if you're on it
  • Kitchen (please keep it tidy, honesty box)
  • Craft room - Vinyl cutter and TShirt press
  • Loos (explain the keyfob to get back in)

Mention that we have this space until the end of 2015, and after that we hope to find somewhere else close to Cambridge centre.

Reconvene in the main space, ask if any more questions.

They can sign up at (there might be a signup event right after the showing around - see if someone is running this)

  • They get a fob and a workspace induction, and then they can use the space whenever they wish.
  • Inductions on kit - please do ask for induction courses to be run!
  • Also:, wiki, googlegroups.

Tell them they're welcome to hang around after the tour and ask questions...