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Do you need to learn, grok, grasp, make, dig, instrument utilize something and searching for a skill, knowhow, here you might find the person who has it. And why not share what you know ?

Skill/Knowhow TeachorLearn User(s) Level Tell me more about it
water hopping teach Ren, Stimpy Only the chosen will know
Mapping learn Dadabit I would like to learn a bit of video mapping to surfaces, tips tricks. if you did sth in the past just would like learn how you did it. Anything I want to do touches a bit of video mapping at some point.
Basic electronics teach or (lets say help) Dadabit fair enough sensors, microcontrollers, connecting the system to computer software. If you want a colloboration and help for a nice project of yours I might hop in.
Basic electronics help alexrice variable PIC microcontrollers (rusty), AVR microcontrollers (basic), analogue electronics related to audio,
Oxy-fuel welding, brazing, silver soldering help / teach alexrice functional but not always pretty Have required equipment
Manual machining teach alexrice good Manual milling and turning on small lathes and mills, metric and imperial screw cutting
3D CAD Help/Teach/Learn brice novice Some basic experience on 3D mechanical CAD/drafting
Digital electronics Help/Teach/Learn brice intermediate multiplexing strategy/persistence of vision. Ardui-fu
Programming Help/Teach/Learn brice intermediate/advanced Particularly interested in learning about dynamic, interactive simulations in functional langages. (clojurescript+processing=dynamic simulation in your browser?) Can give introduction to programming on processing/arduino. Can contribute to code projects at any level of complexity.
Programming Help / Teach Martin_de_S Intermediate I'm a professional coder- I can help out with HTML/CSS/JS web coding, scripting languages, C++, C for Arduino, some Linux SH etc.
Arduino (software and electronics) Help / Teach Martin_de_S Intermediate I've spent a fair while playing with the Arduino and interfacing with other bits and pieces. If you want specific help with a project or are wondering what to do after blinking an LED I'll try to help out
Cool software Help / Teach Rich Wareham Can teach to any level I can help you with coding in almost any language. I'm very interested in designing cool bits of software to do cool things.
Signal Processing (more the old school variety) Help / Teach / (and certainly learn) Henry Gomersall Advanced I'm a full time signal processing engineer from an academic background. More the old school stuff (transforms, sparsity and the like) but I'm keen to improve my stats-fu.
Programming Help / Teach Henry Gomersall Intermediate Python and C (and getting them to work together!). A few years full time experience, but not quite a guru yet. (also Matlab, but I have strong feelings about that).
Programming Help / Teach Wojciech Meyer Any level I can do C, C++ equally good, but mostly OCaml these days (equally well we can do Haskell or Scheme). Up to pair programming.