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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
wantedpages (Talk) Wanted pages
wantedpages-badtitle (Talk) Invalid title in result set: $1
wantedpages-summary (Talk)  
wantedtemplates (Talk) Wanted templates
wantedtemplates-summary (Talk)  
watch (Talk) Watch
watcherrortext (Talk) An error occurred while changing your watchlist settings for "$1".
watching (Talk) Watching...
watchlist (Talk) Watchlist
watchlist-details (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|$1 page|$1 pages}} on your watchlist, not counting talk pages.
watchlist-options (Talk) Watchlist options
watchlist-summary (Talk)  
watchlistall2 (Talk) all
watchlistanontext (Talk) Please $1 to view or edit items on your watchlist.
watchlistcontains (Talk) Your watchlist contains $1 {{PLURAL:$1|page|pages}}.
watchlistedit-noitems (Talk) Your watchlist contains no titles.
watchlistedit-normal-done (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} removed from your watchlist:
watchlistedit-normal-explain (Talk) Titles on your watchlist are shown below. To remove a title, check the box next to it, and click "{{int:Watchlistedit-normal-submit}}". You can also [[Special:EditWatchlist/raw|edit the raw list]].
watchlistedit-normal-legend (Talk) Remove titles from watchlist
watchlistedit-normal-submit (Talk) Remove titles
watchlistedit-normal-title (Talk) Edit watchlist
watchlistedit-numitems (Talk) Your watchlist contains {{PLURAL:$1|1 title|$1 titles}}, excluding talk pages.
watchlistedit-raw-added (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} added:
watchlistedit-raw-done (Talk) Your watchlist has been updated.
watchlistedit-raw-explain (Talk) Titles on your watchlist are shown below, and can be edited by adding to and removing from the list; one title per line. When finished, click "{{int:Watchlistedit-raw-submit}}". You can also [[Special:EditWatchlist|use the standard editor]].
watchlistedit-raw-legend (Talk) Edit raw watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-removed (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} removed:
watchlistedit-raw-submit (Talk) Update watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-title (Talk) Edit raw watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-titles (Talk) Titles:
watchlistfor2 (Talk) For $1 $2
watchlisttools-edit (Talk) View and edit watchlist
watchlisttools-raw (Talk) Edit raw watchlist
watchlisttools-view (Talk) View relevant changes
watchmethod-list (Talk) checking watched pages for recent edits
watchmethod-recent (Talk) checking recent edits for watched pages
watchnologin (Talk) Not logged in
watchnologintext (Talk) You must be [[Special:UserLogin|logged in]] to modify your watchlist.
watchthis (Talk) Watch this page
watchthispage (Talk) Watch this page
watchthisupload (Talk) Watch this file
wed (Talk) Wed
wednesday (Talk) Wednesday
wednesday-at (Talk) Wednesday at $1
weeks (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|$1 week|$1 weeks}}
welcomecreation-msg (Talk) Your account has been created. You can change your {{SITENAME}} [[Special:Preferences|preferences]] if you wish.
welcomeuser (Talk) Welcome, $1!
whatlinkshere (Talk) What links here
whatlinkshere-filters (Talk) Filters
whatlinkshere-hideimages (Talk) $1 file links
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