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Original Requirements Notes

  • CNC Controlled
  • Minimum 4' x 4' cutting bed
    • It was generally concluded whilst 8' x 4' would be attractive, it may have limits in terms of floor space and also materials storage and handling - storing and moving 8' x 4' sheets on to a flatbed machine is a pretty impractical task in a full workshop, and certainly not a 1 man job.
    • We concluded we could store a lot of sheet material in 4' x 4' and 600 x 900 for the router and laser respectively (and for general use), making storage much more tractable and avoiding the need to cut down such large sheets.
  • decent software

Maybe a Vacuum bed

  • Would make jobs quicker to setup (except vacuum beds sometimes require a custom 'mask' cutting to cover all the unused holes)
  • avoids risk of hitting clamps/bolts
  • Will be more expensive (new mask needed for each job?)
  • Unsure how "magical" a solution it is



  • The defacto FabLab CNC router
  • Would be from the [PRS Standard Range]
  • Prices are roughly $11500 and $13000 for the 4x4 and 8x4 models
  • Ship from US (no distributors), by air or sea, and import duties etc payable
  • Quote from Shopbot: approx $15k/£10k + shipping/taxes for 4x4, 8x8 would be approx £2k more




Machine URL Price (UKP) Size - X Size - Y Size - Z Weight Notes
Heiz S400 link £1595 400 300 110 31kg
Heiz S720 link £1995 720 420 110 41kg Videos - Making PCBMachining metalEngraving in wood
Heiz S1000 link £2395 1000 600 110 51kg £4012 including all options and VAT
HPCLaser RC6090 link £3750+VAT 600 900 65 200kg Up to 24000rpm, 30mm cutting thickness. From same supplier as Laser cutter. Upgraded spindle from one listed. Claimed accuracy of 10 micron.

Weight gives an indication of stiffness and quality for a given size of machine. Shopbots weight is not listed