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This is the list of things that need to be done before we can open to the public. In some cases there's a responsible person noted and if you are thinking of things in that area or want to do some work which hasn't been planned or agreed, please talk to that person first and check that what you'd like to do fits with the communith plans.

What does it mean to be responsible for one of these areas?

The main thing here is not that someone volunteers to do all the work, but that they take responsibility for making sure stuff happens, whether that means doing it themselves or working with others. For most tasks, this means thinking what's possible, checking with the community (eg on this list or in a meeting) what's wanted, maybe getting the community to choose from some options, checking how the money looks (for things we'll buy from core funds - meaning talking to Laura/Simon/Jonny), and then making stuff happen :) . Laura/Simon/Jonny are here to support this with legal/financial help and will ensure we don't overspend and so on. We need to share the tasks we have between us so no one collapses from overwork, and there's lots of different things to do so hopefully everyone can find something they enjoy. Also note How to buy things for Makespace

  • big sort through everything we have and categorising and labelling and moving to sensible places
  • for complex kit items, write /download/print instructions and signs and so on
    • might go alongside a risk assessment in terms of signs like "wear goggles when using this"
    • but there's more, like making sure we have links to right manuals displayed next to bits of kit
    • and nice clear instructions "how to get started with 3D printing if you haven't done it before" (even if they just say: talk to Bob or Sue who know all about it)
  • getting photo wall of members names and pics and interests up so we can start to learn who we all are
  • floor in secure workshop
    • Needs tape (we have the tape) and adhesive (needs acquiring) and someone to remove old tape and do new stuff etc
  • walls in secure workshop - bits more paint needed
  • carpet tiles
    -> DanR
  • kitchen - fitting
    -> DanR
  • fire detection
    -> Laura
  • beanbags / sofas and other chairs etc for kitchen and mezzanine social space
    -> Henry
  • need tables and chairs
    • tables being offered generally free (several offers already in)
    • silvermans - second hand office kit - check for chairs
    • new chairs in from reworks
    • need to work out what chairs we want - stacking/folding/on-wheels - needs further discussion (Laura)
  • consumables bank
    • need to specifiy what we want in terms of storage, numbers, and what.
    • consumables include: thread for sewing, filament for 3D printing, resistors, pens, glue and tape and paperclips and all sorts
    • a good project for someone who wants to start an organised list / spreadsheet/ something and work with others to fill it out! (and then price it!)
  • Plan Open Evening for Jan 15th
    • make sure we have makers coming
    • think about space layout
    • plan event format
    • organise people to man doors etc
    • think about food/drink/ambiance
    • do we want a sign in sheet etc
  • signs (for outside the door)
    • need someone to design, find a supplier and order them
    • we have permission for an outside sign 60cm(w) x 40cm(h) (right hand side of door), interior sign 45cm(w) x 25cm(h), with Makespace logo and wording "Makespace".
    • we might want other signs "way out"? etc, Room labels?
  • get fablab-set of bits of kit inc shopbot
    • at this stage this means costing up the fablab kit and getting lead times in a list on the wiki, and working out special requirements such as extraction
  • layout of secure workshop and bench positions etc
    -> John Sturdy (John - talk to Roger who has already been working on this quite a bit!)
    • looks tight but should work if we have good extraction :)
  • specify what's critical kit (other than the fablab) - first, do survey of mailing list what they want to do
    -> Laura
  • equipment database
    • to be fully set up and in use with everyone able to use it
    • documented process for how kit comes into space including checking we want it, PAT testing, asset tagging, etc, and noting down loans vs donations
      -> Phil
  • RCDs & locks on cabinets
    -> Brian (thanks!)
  • permissions for sign on Mill Lane / Silver st (sandwich board)
    -> Directors will look into this
  • mat for front door
  • Trained first aiders and better first aid policy
    • need to organise numbers, get training day planned, etc
  • trained fire marshalls and better fire risk assessment
    -> Laura to do risk assessment.
  • new fire extinguishers
    • (depends on outcome of fire risk assesssment)
  • capacity limits and writing these down
    -> Directors. (current *rough* estimate: 120 people max in the space)
  • new health and safety policy
    -> Directors