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New members

Please checkout the Reading list for new members

Equipment Inductions

We're sure there'll be lots of pieces of equipment you're keen to get inducted on. As a reminder, the process for kit inductions is as follows:

  • Look for an induction on
  • If there isn't one, find the page for that equipment on the Makespace wiki: - there you will find instructions about how to request new inductions

We know there is a backlog on some popular pieces of equipment, and we're doing our best to find new owners and trainers to relieve the pressure. If you're a skilled operator on any of our kit, please consider offering to train people!

Getting involved

Getting stuck in to the community will help you enjoy Makespace, and help Makespace thrive:

  • Introduce yourself on the Google Group, and write about what you want to do
  • Run events – or help others run events. All our events get listed on
  • Become a community owner of some equipment
  • Just help – with cleaning, tidying, showing people around, welcoming new members on the mailing list and helping people find the information or help they need. Taking the tea towels home and washing them when they get dirty; loading the dishwasher; watering the plants; sweeping the floor; stocking up on chocolate.

Spread the word

Grab some posters and stickers from the entrance hall – and tell your friends, put up posters in offices and common rooms and so on.

Keep in touch

  • Join the Google Group to talk to other members about making, your projects, and Makespace
  • Follow us on twitter/Facebook/Google+ for all the latest news (all linked from )
  • Don’t forget there’s usually a group chatting in IRC too, in #makespace on

The archive of the Google Group may be of interest too.

You may also be interested in recent updates sent to members every few weeks:

Admin bits

If you want to change your payment details, you can login at

For any concerns about the space or community, email the Directors