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About Me

Name: Anne Harrison

Location: Cambridge


Not working at the moment, mostly due to ill health, hoping that being involved with makespace will help me build some stamina, confidence and skills.


I studied computer science but haven't programmed in seven or eight years and I'm not sure if I want to! I'm generally a lot more interested in creating physical things than doing things on a computer. I did woodwork at school but beyond that my practical experience is limited. I've done a lot more in the more arty crafty side of things, whilst in the US I learnt to quilt and I'm good friends with my sewing machine. Deep down I know I'm not a designer or innovater i'mmbetter at taking other peoples ideas and figuring out how to make them faster or stronger.


I make beadwoven jewellery and I plan to make some clasps at makespace. I'd love to get involved with group stuff.