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Brian Corteil

About Me

Name: Brian Corteil

Location: St Ives not by the sea.

Been Making for about the last year or so.


Commercial Electrician and Integrated Security Systems Engineer, for the last 26 years since leaving school in the late 80's.


I have always been interested in computers and robotics, since seeing Star Wars, and James Bond films in the 70's and 80's. There was a large gap between my last 8 bit computer an Acorn Electron and my first PC in the late 90's. Other things I'am interested in are, Lego, blinky LEDs, micro controllers (Arduinos), the Raspberry Pi, programming (learning Python at the moment), physical computing, general electronics and home automation. I'm also like to design and build furniture. and any thing else that grabs my attention.


Internet Connected Giraffe. In the bread broad stage. I'm using a child's night light as a starting point, fitting some RBG LEDs and a Raspberry Pi to control it.

Internet Connected Thermometer, Working on a bread broad, with an Arduino uno and ethernet shield, BlinkM programmable LED and LCD. This is an improved version of a project from last year. I would like to condensed the design to a single PCB with a nice case.

Hidden Shelf. In the mind storming stage. Basically a bookcase that rises behind a sofa when required, and when closed looks like a low shelf/divider. I was inspired by rising TVs.