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Plan of action, in order


  • Determine if divider wall can be cut down to size
  • What size?
  • Re-measure room including divider
  • Remove carpet tiles
  • Cut down divider wall to height

Kitchen units/appliances/worktop

  • Finalise order with ikea and place order


  • Get quotes from plumbers
  • Book plumber

Electrical - 1st fix

  • Electrical feed under floor to divider wall - 32 amp
  • Electrical to water heater point - spec water heater
  • FCU for dishwasher, saniflo, oven
  • Select and order water heater
  • Remove trunking in sink area
  • Task lighting points/additional lighting


  • Wall paint as needed


  • Vinyl - select and purchase including join strip/glues etc
  • Prep/clean floor
  • Lay new carpet tiles and make good with vinyl strip

Kitchen units/appliances/worktop

  • Take delivery and store
  • Assemble units, worktop, appliances

Electrical - 2nd fix

  • Comission electrical of appliances
  • Socket fronts, etc


  • Plumber to: supply and install saniflo under sink in constructed unit as well as bringing mains water at the same time.
  • Install water heater
  • Install
  • Install sink, taps, wastes

Finish decorative

  • Paint door fronts
  • Tiling - purchase and lay tiles
  • Sealing
  • Top divider wall with nice bar surface?
  • Furniture/seating/barstools
  • Misc decorative