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I'm an entrepreneurial software consultant, CTO type and occasional CEO, with just shy of 30 years' commercial experience. My main focus at the moment's my consultancy (Adeptium Consulting Ltd.), but I'm open to CTO or CEO opportunities, particularly in startups and SMEs.

I tend to specialise in embedded systems (non-computer devices that have processors - anything from set-top boxes to satellites), and "cloud" technologies. Check my LinkedIn profile for more professional stuff. I'm also interested in low energy computing and green technologies.

I'm passionate about science, and space in particular. I do that for pay too - my code's in several launched satellites, and there are more scheduled to orbit in the next year or two.

Through Adeptium, I'm organising a series of sub-orbital launches to test out remote sensing technologies, do some hard science...and get some cool pictures from the edge of space. Almost all of the design and construction falls to me. There's more at the STARS Project mini-site. If you find me in the main lab, up to my ears in wires, sensors and unruly processors, I'm doing the make for STARS-1 or its successors. Or just having fun!

Outside work and geeky* hobbies, I'm a Dad of two kids, husband of a lovely and long-suffering wife, play many instruments (to varying levels of ineptitude), write, chase ferrets, and yearn to get back in the cockpit to fly gliders and those strange glider-like things with noisy bits on the front. I have a surfboard, two wetsuits, and never enough time to use them.

I can be emailed at makespace(dot)org(at)adeptium(dot)com. Sorry for the obfustication, but I'm fed up with spammers scraping my email addresses!

I'm on Twitter as @jongreen_uk.

* I'm an unashamed geek, and wear the badge with pride! But, hey, same goes for almost all the other Makers here, yes?