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Mat Cook, Founder Member.


I make things out of acrylic, servos and PIC chips Cortex-M0/3, aluminium, acetal and lasers. I'm at Makespace 2-3 5-6 times a week.

Things I can help you with

  • Software
    • C#, C++, Arm32, PIC, etc
  • Electronics
    • PIC (8 + 32 bit)
    • Arm (esp. NXP / NXPExpresso)
    • interfacing, some analog, no RF, no Arduino
  • Inkscape (which is fantastic)
  • Lasering things
  • Lathing things
  • Milling stuff

Things you can help me with

  • Marketing and investment
  • Design, art, end user interfaces
  • Tea. White, no sugar. No need to ask.

Tools available to loan to nice and responsible people who are Makespace members

  • Mig welder, argon bottle, mig wire, gloves. (Car portable only). It's currently
  • 18V Makita circular saw with 24/36/48T blades
    • you will have to demonstrate appropriate levels of competence and fear before I lend this out
  • 12V Makita impact driver
  • 12V Makita drill/driver (various, you can never have too many electric drills)
  • Variable temp soldering iron
  • SMT rework station

Contact me

my first name with a single t