What to do if stuff goes wrong

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Here's some notes on what to do if things go wrong in Makespace!

If the fire alarm goes off:

  • The university security office will automatically be called, and if we don't cancel the alarm pronto they will call the fire brigade. If this happens and it's a false alarm, you will need to call the security office immediately. (We've not done this so not entirely sure of protocol!)

If the broadband stops working:

  • Get a trusted member to reset the router in the back office/store room, or if this doesn't work, email management@ makespace.org and ask them to login to the router, check it, and if necessary call BT.

If you see something unsafe or inappropriate which concerns you in any way:

  • If you feel able to tell whoever is involved to stop it, do so! This is strongly recommended
  • email management@ makespace.org and let them know

If there is any kind of accident:

  • deal with it appropriately straight away!
  • then email management@ makespace.org and let them know

If something is broken:

  • email the google group if it's not critical infrastructure

  • email management@ makespace.org if it is critical and needs urgent fixing! (eg access control breaks, heating explodes, water pours through ceiling, laser cutter goes bang)

If you lose your access token:

  • email management@ makespace.org immediately or speak to a Director or Admin.