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We use MediaWiki. Below is a list of the most useful elements to work with our wiki. Please add or edit as appropriate, and see MediaWiki for the full documentation.

Creating pages

To create a new page, first create a link to it from somewhere (it can be anywhere, but make it count), then save the page that points to it, click on the link (where the tooltip reads "page does not exist"), and you'll be taken to an interface to create the page.



Headings are surrounded by equal signs: = top heading =, == sub-heading ==, === sub-sub-heading ===.

Equipment categories

We use these "macros" for categories of equipment: {{RedTool}}, {{GreenTool}}, and {{OrangeTool}}. The wiki will replace that text with a canned box with details on the type of equipment


You can create internal links as [[Working with the wiki]] (result: Working with the wiki). Spaces are converted to underscores. You can add custom text with a pipe (|, or vertical bar), e.g. [[Working with the wiki|wiki help]] (result: wiki help).

You can create external links as [ MediaWiki] (result: MediaWiki), where the first space separates the link from the display text, and the remaining spaces are part of the display text.

Notice two brackets for internal links and one bracket for external links.


For an unordered list, use asterisks, e.g. * item 1. Double or triple the number of asterisks for sub-lists, e.g. ** sub-item 1. Result:

  • item 1
    • sub-item 1

For ordered lists, use hash (#) instead of asterisk (*).


Prefix with two spaces:

 some code


some bold text

Adding images or files

On the toolbar at the left, click "Upload file", grab its link, then include it with this syntax for a framed image: [[File:Laser-thumb.jpg|framed|link=Equipment/Laser_Cutter|Laser Cutter]]. Result:

Laser Cutter

See Media Wiki Image help for more options.