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We want to create a BarBot.

Initial Goals

  • 6 Optivends for alcoholic drinks
  • 6 dispensers for soft drinks
  • 6 dispensers for misc items (olives cherries, umbrellas, etc...)
  • High through put with multiple drinks simultaneously

Target Cocktails

  • Gin & Tonic
    • Gin
    • Tonic
  • White Russian
    • Cream
    • Vodka
    • Kahula
    • Ice
  • Margarita
    • tequila
    • line
    • triple sec
    • salt rim
  • Mojito
    • Lime
    • Mint Leaves
    • Sugar
    • ice
    • white rum
    • soda water


  • Block diagram
  • Decide on a budget
  • Make a makespace community project

Idea Scratchpad

  • Force sensitive resistors for glass detection & liquid quantity
  • Carriages with scissor lifts to activate Optivends (and thus everything else)
  • Circular track/path to automatically reuse a carriage.
  • Ways of bypassing unused dispensers to allow for drinks leapfrogging.
  • Raspberry Pi for main controller, Arduino-likes for carriages
  • 3D print our own peristaltic pumps?
  • HackADay links to check out here
  • A barbot is essentially a vending machine, mine vending machines for mechanisms & ideas.
  • Drill chuck like cup grabber

Roberts Working Idea

  • Standardised glasses, like these or these.
  • Glasses are loaded in corner as a stack of 20 in a column
  • Glasses travel on a large carousel
  • Mini-carousels for spirits, lever mechanism to operate Optics
  • Peristaltic pumps for soft drinks
  • Hoppers and screws for garnishes
  • Fits in a transparent ~1 meter cube, interesting things to see from all 4 sides.
  • Use a RPi for management, connected to a touch screen for order taking and an RFID reader (TikiTag?) for customer tracking
  • Use LIN or CAN bus nodes for modular management; a node for cup carousel, a node for a spirit carousel etc...
    • Freescale KL05 FRDM boards for each node, a specialised shield to tailor the node for it's role.
    • LIN Spec here.
  • Lots of sensors for fully closed loop control
  • See here for block diagram

Mat's Working Idea

Start with the rails and carriage, let it grow from there

  • Rail specification:
    • Carriages are independently powered so we can have 2+ and they can move independently
    • Rail should be cheap and quick to make
    • Monorails are cool
    • Rail system should support switches(points)/overtaking/corners/loops and be small, light and cheap