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A draft of community values:

  • People using kit should be in a fit state to do so
  • don't piss off others - do unto others as you would be done by - be respectful
  • safety first
  • be reasonable
  • respect the diversity of makespace users
  • encourage and support people with all skill&knowledge levels
  • feel able to, entitled to, and required to stop unsafe happenings
  • collaboration is good
  • we are collectively improving Makespace - it is everyone's responsibility to make it better
  • respect the space
  • collective ownership of Makespace (This means more than : leave this space as you'd like to find it!)
  • the space is everyone's
  • reporting accidents/mistakes/damage etc is strongly encouraged. Makespace does not have a blame culture. You should be able to report incidents without giving your name, and/or without giving the name of the people involved in the incident.
  • inclusivity -- we are welcoming to all
  • fun (this is not compulsory though!)
  • asking questions is encouraged. "ask questions" - it is always acceptable to ask (but don't feel bad if you can't answer right then). don't treat any question as stupid.
  • it's a shared space and shared kit - be conscious of others
  • we're all here to learn&improve
  • share and enjoy
  • 0, 1, π, e