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(Taken from https://www.emfcamp.org/)

August 29th–31st 2014 Bletchley, UK

Electromagnetic Field is a UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers.

EMF Camp is now over! Tickets are currently £95 for weekend camping, there are add-on tickets for car parking and camper van/caravan parking.

The EMF camp wiki is: http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_Field_2014

Things to Bring

(See http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Packing_List for more details)

  • Yourself
  • A tent
  • A torch
  • Money to buy awesome things
  • A ~10m mains extension cable
  • A ~10m ethernet cable
  • Electronicy geeky things obviously

Members @ EMF

Definitely Going

  • Robert K +1 (lift might be available)
    • I'll be bringing a 3D printer, a 13.6kg combat robot, an LED Display, 100Watt LED.
  • Toby M
    • Potentially a large quadcopter if my flying skills improve enough :)
  • Mat C +1 (lift might be available)
  • Brian C
  • Mark T
  • Mark M (lift might be available from Hitchin)
  • Mark C + kids (6 & 8)
  • Stephen
  • Tom O
    • I'll bring some BaseBots, and I'm planning to bring along the necessary audio gear to do a live show of electronic music based on sounds sampled from around the camp. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Tom M
    • I'll bring my project, a 3D printer that makes clothes. I've also applied to do a talk about it.
  • JCGS (bringing Land-Rover camper, can give lifts to up to 12 or 13 at a pinch)
  • Kim SJ
    • I'll bring the Badger, at least. And maybe some Pi stuff.
  • Alexandra G. (+1..up to +3 possibly)
  • Chris A
  • Michal S --> mstefanow@gmail.com --> departure time Friday 12 noon from Cambourne (can pick you up from Cambridge if you ask nicely, but even then I'd give you directions to the bus number 4...)

Possibly Going

  • Anne H. & friend
  • Laura J + Michael D (subject to other commitments)

Makespace Village

There has been a suggestion of setting up Makespace Cambridge in the Hackspace Village. This would allow us to have a central Makespace tent and a place to show off our (un)finished projects! We have an offer of 2 marquees; 10m x 4m (can be put up as 6mx4m) and 12m x 6m from Kim SJ's brother. We need to decide what we want to do for our Makespace Camp.


(Taken from http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Travel)

The site has the postcode MK17 0BU. This is roughly a mile outside of Newton Longville.

Public transport links don't look to be the best with Google Maps estimating it to be a 3 bus 3 hour journey or a 4 hour trip via London. It would thus be advisable to lift share with others.

Tent suggestions

  • We need a large marquee/tent.
    • Buy Kims brothers' one?
      • We'll need to buy/make some guy ropes and associated pegs.
      • Bad idea to use Duct Tape on the windows -- it leaves residue which is hard to clean off (as Kim discovered!) It is OK to use it on the canvas.
  • Semi secure dropoff point if poss?
  • Tea/coffee making facilities (if it's a robot, it can serve people)
  • 4 tables is not quite enough, take 6.
  • Don't forget chairs!
    • Beanbags
    • Ground sheet
  • Roll-up banner is nice, but need larger banners
    • Robert K. is on this.
    • Getting our big exhibition stand working would be cool
  • We needed more information on static displays for when the maker isn't around.
  • May need to make the Cambridge part of Cambridge Makespace more prominent.
    • Need some information on the Makespace facilities
    • Include some QR Codes
  • swag
    • stickers!
    • moar stickers!

Other Lessons Learnt

For future events this is what we learnt:

  • Villages are great!
  • Need lights for late at night
    • Halogen is a no-no; they blow circuit breakers.
  • Need C-Form power connector
    • and better distribution arrangements
  • nice to have something folks can do. sign up workshop or (limited hours) drop in
    • evaluating Titanium spork as option - will get instructables from Richard Sewell - was v popular at emf
  • Ear plugs may help some people to sleep better.