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Class Red equipment: Do not use without specific training.
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Equipment / Laser Cutter - Owner hints, tricks, and instructions

Filter Changing

Filters come in big (pre-filter) and small (carbon fine filter) sizes, and can be changed individually. Filters are kept in the office.

To change, remove both filters and close cabinet door. Turn on machine.

Press up and down arrows together, until green light by tick starts flashing. Then use up/down arrows to adjust air flow. It should be at the lowest setting that gives 4 green speed dots.

Put the new filters in and turn on the machine. It should adjust to the correct flow.

There is a paper inside each door with the dates for upper/lower filters. Write the date filters were changed on that paper.

Filters should be changed in a ratio of about 1:2 upper to lower. Pre-filters get clogged up easily, and changed more often.