First Aid Policy Drafting

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Note: Official Health and Safety rules are posted on the Makespace Website, not on the Wiki

Notes on first aid policies

See also: Health and Safety Policy Drafting, Fire Safety Policy Drafting, General Risk Assessments, Equipment Activity Material Risk Assessments

  • can we offer training?
  • First aid qualifications time out - you have to redo every so often
  • enough FMs with existing First aid? Not sure. - workplace first aid training is a specific grade of training - St Johns Ambulance offer voluntary (free) training.
  • fairly sure that there’s no requirement for a FA on site (except for public events over a certain size, when we might need one - need to check) Having some number of random members/Founders trained would be sufficient for normal use as there would be reasonable odds that one or more of them would be in the space. Of course it's not essential that we have a FA on site at all times - think of offices, where often the FA might be away or already left or whatever.
  • landline might be useful for contacting emergency services
  • most first aid incidents will be either "plaster" or "ambulance"
  • quite a few people happy to be trained… we should look at whether we can offer this.

See FirstAidPolicy and the first aid section of Structure