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It is important to remind all members that Makespace is not a long term storage facility for forgotten projects – it is space intended to invite and support active projects and the storage that we have needs to be prioritized for active projects.

Anything stored at Makespace must have:

Your Full Name. Email. Date added. Date of estimated completion.

The Storage Areas:

Laser cutter stock cupboard

The Trove

Underfloor Storage Areas (Trolleys)

Large Project storage area in the classroom

Your members box on the rack (full name and email only)

The Craft Room (Clothing Rail)

Trolleys and the underfloor storage area: Everything stored here will be moved out periodically. Your trolley must be able to be moved without what is being stored on it from falling off, it must be stable and be clearly labelled.

The Fire Marshall and University Safety Office will be coming around throughout the year to check that Makespace is up to standard. If we fall short, we could close. It’s that important. Please help us to maintain our great safety record.