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We expect to use the mezzanine area as a social space with a kitchen, tables and chairs, sofas, etc. The kitchen will be in the area under the window by the door from the main workshop. The social space will occupy both rooms of the mezzanine.

There have been various discussions about the kitchen and 3 main ideas proposed:

1. Remove stud wall entirely, then fit kitchen along exterior wall (this is the choice we took)

2. Remove stud wall to worktop height or bar height, fit a worktop on top of it. Fit kitchen along exterior wall, optionally with cupboards underneath worktop.

3. Leave stud wall in place, and fit kitchen on the far side of it, along both exterior and stud walls. Use the 'main workshop' side of the stud wall as shelving or display case.

In all cases we can't remove the vertical beam next to the stud wall. We also need to leave a clear passage to the workshop door as this is a fire exit from these mezzanine rooms.

What do we all think?

Things to bear in mind:

  • floor layout of tables, chairs, sofas and numbers of each of these
  • what we want in the kitchen (fridge, microwave, sink, kettle, cupboards for mugs, plates, stuff; optionally dishwasher, ???)
  • what else we might want in a social space (magazine racks? showcase of "made in Makespace" items? art?)