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Hello! Here is all the latest news from Makespace. There are lots of things coming up, including training in using the free online 3D package Onshape, Form 1 and screenprinting training, and an art exhibition by a Makespace denizen, so read on ...

Community list

Are you on the Makespace Google group? This is the place to ask questions, request training, discuss new equipment, etc, or just ask for advice on a project you're stuck with. Active current and recent threads have included whether to get rid of the wood lathe because of lack of use, what stock to get for the laser cutters, suggestions about new equipment, and the merits or otherwise of a low-price membership option for people on low income. If you aren't on the list your views will not be heard!

You can choose to use the group via e-mail or on the web. It's a public group so you can read messages online without joining, but you will need to join in order to post.

Glass owner wanted

The glass kiln will soon have no owners among the current members. If you know a bit about using it and would be prepared to volunteer as an owner, please get in touch. You don't need to be an expert (though if you are, please do volunteer!).

Forthcoming events

Tiered membership meeting, 14 May

Makespace membership is great value but it is still out of reach of some people on low incomes e.g. who are unemployed / studying / etc. This coming Saturday (May 14th) there is a meeting to discuss how a lower-rate concession could work and what evidence is needed to put a case to the directors. Open to all, including those who are not currently members.

Entrepreneurs Exchange 18 May

A free event offering business advice to actual or would-be entrepreneurs, at the Judge Business School (five minutes' walk from Makespace). Registration required. For more details:

Onshape training 25 May

Andy Morris, a User Experience designer for Onshape, has offered to give an introductory training session for Makespace members. Onshape is a relatively new but highly-regarded 3D design package, which can be used free and runs in a web browser. If you want to design objects to make on the 3D printer or the model mill, this training is what you need!

The session will be mainly aimed at beginners or near beginners, but any member is welcome. It's hoped that the event will run again at some point.

Artistic Adventures 4-9 June

Diana Probst, whom you may know as a semi-permanent resident of Makespace, has an exhibition at St Barnabas Press, which runs 4-9 June.

Equipment inductions

Form 1 training

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, the Form 1 3D printer has now been commissioned and training sessions are being run. The SLA process used by the Form 1 is slower, messier, more expensive and requires more effort than the Ultimakers, but provides excellent results where high resolution and accuracy is needed.

Screenprinting training

Jo is now running occasional introductory sessions for members interested in screenprinting.

Both the Form 1 inductions and screenprinting sessions will appear on the Meetup calendar. As usual, if you want an induction on any equipment and no training is booked on Meetup, have a look on the Makespace wiki or ask on the Google group.

Disabled access

If you are disabled and have difficulty coming to Makespace because you need to park very nearby, or need an accessible toilet, there is help available. See this recent post on the Google group for details.

We're also looking into the feasibility of a platform lift to give access to the kitchen. If you have other access issues or requests, please get in touch.

Using the classroom

Remember that one of the benefits you enjoy as a Makespace member is the ability to book the classroom for maker-ish events. See the events policy.

Make sure that your event is in the Meetup calendar, and if necessary book a separate half-hour slot beforehand to set up the room.

If you're planning to work in the classroom, please check the calendar and avoid it when events are booked.

Farewell to Laura

Finally, some sad and happy news for Makespace. Laura James has decided that it is time for her to step down from her role as a director. While we're sorry to lose her expertise on the board, we're delighted that she'll be joining the advisory board, taking on a less executive role but remaining and a key guiding influence on Makespace. After returning from a brief trip to Foreign Parts Laura will also be returning as an ordinary member of Makespace, so you may still see her around from July.

As some of you know, Makespace wouldn't be here without the years of tireless work Laura has put into making it happen. We have her to thank not only for much of our structure and smooth running in our first three years, and her key role in the lengthy negotiations when we were looking for a space, but also for much of our culture and open nature. A huge thank-you to Laura for all the work she has done over five years to help get Makespace set up and keep it running.

A card for Laura will be by the main entrance for the next few weeks - please feel free to sign it and add an appreciation if you like.

A call went out recently to recruit a new board member to replace Laura and an announcement is expected shortly.