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Dear Makers,

Makespace is having a public birthday party, open evening and show-and-tell on Thursday 16 March from 6.30pm. It's been published in the Science Festival programme so there are likely to be quite a few visitors. You can help!

  • Do you have something cool you've made at Makespace that you could bring to show visitors on the 16th?
  • Could you help with demonstrating a piece of kit? It would be good to have demos of lots of different things.
  • Are you available to be around on the evening to help with showing people around and answering questions? Or earlier to help set things up?
  • Or is there some other way you could help out?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', please let us know.

  • Please tell your friends and relations about the event, and tweet and facebook it to smithereens!

Classroom tidying this Saturday

There will be some tidying and hopefully painting in the Classroom this Saturday, 4 March, from 2pm. If you are free, please come and lend a hand.