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Dear members,

Here is the latest roundup from Makespace. Are you sitting comfortably?

Recent events

Radio interview

Jonny Austin, one of the founders and directors, recently spoke about Makespace to local community radio station Cambridge 105. It's a nice interview - have a listen, or pass it on to such of your friends, relations and Twitter followers as may want to know more about Makespace. It starts at 28:02 here.

Forthcoming events

Game jam, 27-8 Aug

Want to help to design and produce a game in a weekend? If that sounds interesting, this is probably for you.

Continuing education

The University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education offers various part-time postgrad courses. The deadline for 2016-17 courses is 5 September. They are not particuarly maker-ish but might interest some members - especially the Astronomy diploma, judging by the number of bits of astronomical kit made here from time to time.

SME Growth challenge taster event, 12 Sep

This programme at the Judge Business School, on growing small businesses, previously had a closing date in August. But it seems there are still places as the JBS is now offering this free 'taster' and networking afternoon, which might be of interest whether or not you are thinking of joining the programme.

Serious impact

More free support for local startups including mentoring, workspace, networking etc is available from this non-profit scheme funded under the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Quacky Races, 18 Sep: This might interest some members - enter a competition to make a sustainably powered duck.


Knitting machine

The knitting machine, after a period of neglect, has had some tender loving care and some new owners, and training is available. It can take your computer-specified design and help you turn it into a piece of knitting. If you would like to be trained, contact knittingmachine(at) makespace (dot) org. Note that the training is one-to-one and takes about two hours, so please only ask for training if you are going to use the machine.

Wood Lathe

The wood lathe also has new owners and the commissioning process is just being finalised. Training for new users will be offered soon! Watch or ask on the mailing list for details.

Jewellery books

Following a recent training session for new users of the fine metalwork equipment, we've acquired some books on jewellery making, which trained users might want to use to refresh their memories or get new ideas. They're currently on the fine metalwork bench.

Odds and ends

Financial hardship

Following a long discussion online and a proposal from an open meeting, the Directors have decided to trial a half-price membership rate in cases of genuine financial need. This will help towards realising one of Makespace's guiding principles, of being accessible to all regardless of means. To be eligible, members or prospective members will need to contact membership (at) makespace (dot) org and sign a declaration of financial hardship, and to renew this declaration (if it is still applicable) at three-month intervals.

First Aid

Jenny recently ran an introduction to First Aid for Makespace members. It was very useful and she is happy to run it again if there is demand. Shout on the mailing list if you'd be interested. Speaking of First Aid, please remember that we need to keep an accident record, so if you have an accident in Makespace, however minor, you must report it to management (at) makespace (dot) org. If you use any First Aid supplies, or if it seems something is missing or running low, please (also) report it to firstaid (at) makespace (dot) org.

Organising events

Remember that as a Makespace member you can use the classroom, and/or equipment where practicable, to organise events, meetings, workshops etc which are loosely related to making. See the Events Policy for details.

When the classroom is booked for a meeting or event, it is not available other than to attendees of the event. All bookings are noted on the Meetup calendar.