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Madespace was the kickoff for our building Makespace period and started discussions about many Makespace topics. We are now meeting weekly on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays to make progress with planning. Please note these meetings are open to paid up Founder members only. Topics include:

  • Storage: what storage do we need? Secure? size?
  • Rules: what rules should we have or not have?
  • Community: how does this form into a committee/group which can make decisions? Is it a Society?
  • Priorities: what’s important first? chairs, internet, kit??
  • Spatial design: how should we lay out the space we have?
  • Features: what features should the space have? Presentation podiums, storage robots, ??
  • Where are we on the shiny / less shiny spectrum? (this affects how potential sponsors might view the space, as well as people’s attitudes to the space, whether they feel involved/responsible and so on)
  • Donations: what do we take? What do we not take?
  • Kit: what are the priorities?
  • What have we forgotten? What else should we be talking about?