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This meeting: Sunday 17th Feb 2013 @ 10:00am
Next meeting: Early March 2013


Steve Upton
Brian Corteil
Chris Voth
Meg Westbury
Beck Collins
Rod Williams
Uwe Borowski
Vangelis Pappas-Katsiafas


Using the wiki page as a guide we talked through the following:

Where Following conversations with Jonny on Tuesday we discussed the use of the main space for the club. It's lighter, it IS the space for making, it would give exposure to the club of the equipment out there and provide inspiration for attendees.


  • Involve youngsters in creation of initial rules - this would help them to accept and follow the rules
  • Orientation - We should have a short orientation for new starters
  • The rule for removal should be 3 strikes per day and then three instances but we'll need to see how this goes. Reasons for removal would be:
    • Disruptive behaviour
    • Safety rule breaches
  • Definitely need atleast 2 organisers per session

Potential Projects We need a selection of projects. Some simple 1 day projects that we can make to start, which can also be used as first projects for new joiners. Longer term projects would need to be planned but there was interest in doing things for events such as the Chain Reaction.
Other ideas we covered were:

  • Laser cutter project with end result
  • Out of the box kits
    • oomlout project kits
    • solderless breadboard kits
  • 3D modeling
    • Use of the modelling apps on a computer
    • Build of items from Thingiverse
    • Build things that can then be used/taken home e.g. Stamps
    • 3D Monsters, using 123D Creatures
    • Using 123 catch
  • Training on software
    • Sketchup
  • Craft based projects
  • Name badges
  • 'Family Makers at work' - sign, badges

Questions to be asked of other maker clubs

  • What projects worked well and what didn't?
  • Can we take your projects and reuse them?
  • How did you source funding?
  • Where there any legal challenges to setting up?
  • What did you do about formulating a set of rules?
  • What parent/child ratios are you working with?


  • Different costs for Makespace members and non members was a popular idea to avoid parents having to join Makespace when they were only in the club for their kids.
  • There are believed to be sources of funding available for organisations promoting family projects, plus those promoting making for younger people. Therefore these will be pursued before looking to Makespace for funding.
  • An initial investment from the founding club members is an option but first we need to define the projects we aim to start, and hence determine the cost.


  • Safety scissors may be required for younger members
  • General consensus was that all should be taught to use the existing tools but safely


  • Correct sized safety equipment will be needed for younger members
  • Engineering department events have minimal paperwork and rules - to be checked with Maria
  • Meetup should be used for meetings but a set limit of attendees used
  • 10 family groups initially
  • Provisional start date of end of March
  • It would be good to have the opportunity for a 'show and tell' both within the club and to the wider community.


  • Update the list of possible projects - wiki - All
  • Chase the contacts we already have - Meg
  • Next meetup to be created - Brian
  • Risk assessment
    • Overall risk assessment for the club - Brian
    • Think about assessment of main space - Beck
  • Investigate potential funding sources - Steve/Meg