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Note: This page is not maintained and is of only historical interest. The video is worth a look.

Makespace has a set of rooms in 17 Mill Lane. You can see more on this video which shows the space before it was cleared.

There's a layout diagram at Layout so we know which rooms we're talking about.

Current rough ideas:

  • main workshop space (G24) could have benches "classroom style" and some space at one end (useful for day to day work plus speaker/demo events)
  • the side room with double doors (G21) is most likely a separately-securable workshop for heavier workshop kit
  • the square classroom could be a classroom or quiet work area (ok for reading, planning, computing, more than building)
  • the mezzanine rooms (G25 and G26) could include a kitchenette and cafe style tables for talking/working
  • the windowless "operations room" (G28) could be an office and secure store for Makespace - see Storage
  • the full height small room just off the main space (note no current direct access from main space) could be a library/store

But other ideas are very welcome!

There are also two areas underneath the mezzanine rooms - Under mezzanine 1 and 2 are both the same width as the mezannine rooms but only around 3ft high. Some way to use these conveniently for storage would be great.

It would be great to have some form of storage at the space, where people can keep half-finished works in progress etc - especially since one of the house rules is that desks must be cleared of equipment for other people to use when you're done. Perhaps a wall of decent-sized cubby holes in one of the easier to access rooms? Where would be a good place?