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Why do we need a licence to play music? Surely if one of us already owns the MP3s, or it is being given away for free online by its creators, we have the right to play it in the space? Or is this like that silly thing whereby if you own an ebook you can't lend it to a friend because digital ownership isn't like real ownership...? I'm confused. - Hannah

If it's totally freely licensed, then yes, that music can be played. But radio, TV, and Mp3s which are not in the public domain, can't be played in public/shared spaces without a special licence, which we need to pay for. eg this site There's some info on the two music licence schemes in the uk here

- Laura

I'm confused: Why are solicitors involved in the drafting of the members' rules?

Danros 15:08, 15 March 2012 (UTC)