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Hello all!

We're going to start sending more regular updates on what's going on with Makespace, as things are beginning to move a bit faster. An archive of update emails will be available on the Makespace wiki at http://makespace.org/wiki/index.php/Updates

What's in this email?

1. Makespace Cambridge Limited. Now in existence 2. Space Hunt, success! 3. What happened at 'Make!' 4. Makespace photos on Flickr - put yours up (tag cammakespace)!

1: Makespace has incorporated as Makespace Cambridge Ltd

In order to continue bringing things together and to prepare for opening a bank account and accepting the allocated sponsorship (40k, for those that haven't been keeping up) we've created Makespace as a Company Limited by Guarantee. There are three directors

1. Simon Ford 2. Jonathan Austin 3. Laura James

This is an exciting an important step for Makespace, as it allows us to do things like sign leases and buy stuff!

The CLG framework was chosen after taking a lot of advice and discussion with Founding Members, which we wrote up on the wiki: http://makespace.org/wiki/index.php/Structure

We have used Companies House's standard CLG articles of association, to which we are freely able to add 'Charitable Objects' and some limitations about spending to in order to be eligible to apply for charitable status

2: We have found a potential interim space and are pursuing something more permanent

We are currently negotiating a lease for a space on Newnham Road, near the Granta Pub. This space is due to be demolished in early 2012, so unfortunately this will not be a permanent location for Makespace. Those that came to our most recent pub-meet had a look around and the feedback was very positive!

There are a few details to sort out, but we hope to have an update with some good news soon.

If you want to get more of an idea of the locations we've been looking at (and add your comments) have a look at


3: What happened at Make!?

The Make event was great fun, and we're very grateful to ideaSpace for hosting us!

The photos are on Meetup.com here: http://meetu.ps/4td7 There were some cool things worked on, including

  • WiFi Remote Control Big Track
  • Cajon drum
  • Beehive temperature monitor
  • Kids text/chat hardware hacked as spectrum analyser and pc-free chat system
  • Kinect hacking
  • Iron Man chest-plates
  • Spiral pencils

So it was pretty productive!

4: Photos!

We are 'cammakespace' on Flickr (as we are on twitter). We'd really like to build up a good pool of photos from events and of things people have made AT events.

We would suggest people upload photos of any makespace events to flickr with the tag 'cammakespace' so that everyone can view them!