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Diana Probst, Professional Artist


I use the laser cutter and some of the heavier machinery to make things that support my art. I recently made a drawing machine which I am now incrementally improving while using it for art.

Things I can help you with

  • Free Art
    • SVG, DXF, analogue scribbles undertaken for tea
    • Design work or consultation about how things can look, collaboration work on digital art in progress
  • Paying me for Art
    • Oil painting, large project design work, bespoke work, portraits, fantastic art
  • Tea
    • Ask if you need it made
    • Or make it and give me some and I will help share your happiness
  • Warco Mill
    • I am an owner and trainer on the Warco mill. If you want to be an owner, talk to me. If you want to be trained, talk to the google forum, and specifically to the Warco mill training thread.
  • Laser Cutter
    • I am a laser cutter owner. If something goes wrong, please ask me for help if I am around.

Things you can help me with

  • Tea
    • Milk, no sugar
  • Warco Mill
    • Anyone who has milling experience and would like to put it at the disposal of the milling team would be welcomed
  • Buying Art
    • I'm open to commissions and I make my living as an artist. Anything from machine drawings to full oil paintings of any subject.

Contact me

  • email: dianaprobst at dianaprobst dot com
  • twitter: @dianaprobst
  • www: