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Chris Elsmore

Chris Elsmore

My day job is as a Research Assistant at the University Computer Lab investigating electricity use within the department, and how to measure, store and communicate that resource consumption to users. I'm also creating an iPhone application to calculate users' carbon footprint on their way to work.

In my spare time, I'm interested in alternative & renewable energy, HiFi & Audio projects.

More: @elsmorian

♥ I like

  • Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Objective C
  • Electronics, Arduino & Raspberry Pi
  • Sensor networks and Internet of Things
  • Music, audio and playing the drums.
  • Photography, both digital and old school 35mm film ;)

⤾ I want to learn

  • Metalwork - welding, brazing etc,
  • Machining, using lathes and CNC mills, especially with Aluminium.
  • Effective 3D CAD for 3D printing, beyond simple messing about in Sketch Up
  • More about everything!